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Delete soul night event

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Hi mods

i hope this is the correct forum

there is a soulnight on the calendar that is completely wrong, it is for pure soul at hartshill sports club, it is dated for the 7/3/2020, I don’t know how it got there, because, the DJ who originally posted it, hasn’t been part of our DJ rosta team for at least 2 years, we have a night still to be posted, on the 14/3/2020, so can you please delete the posting for the 7/3/2020

thanks. Paul shaw. At pure soul

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ok had a look

was posted in 2015 so taking it was a error at the time and have deleted 👍


if in future yourself or anyone  has any similar concerns on any event then best way to resolve is by using the 'flag event' feature

the 'flag' feature show sat the bottom of the event opposite to the 'up' arrow

using that all mod team are made aware straight away and so action if needed be faster





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