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Lots of nice tunes for sale here is todays special dozen tunes, just to get you in the mood to search www.truesoul.co.uk for lots more collectibles. 

1 Milton Wright, like a roiling Stone, satiron £475 cracking tune 

2 Roy Roberts, Got to have your love, Ninandy w/d £450 

3 Bob Myers, I only get this feeling, Blue Soul, £400, what a version getting lots of plays and no wonder it sounds amazing in a big room bobs voice and the backing is of the scale, really rare record to find this never ever turns up. Big recommendation 

4 Garland Green, Ain’t that good enough, Revue  £150 totally iconic and still sounding amazing when played out at a club what a voice 

5 Rock candy, Alone with no love, dontee two line original demo just how you want to own this classic, £375 

6 Betty Gouchie, What more can I ask for. Hill records £800 worth every penny top top tune and still got lots of legs due to rarity go and listhen to the sound byte total killer. 

7 Chekerboard Squares, double cookin, Villa, £2100 here it is in all its glory west coast monster one of the most iconic instrumentals to ever fill a dance floor and you try and find another so do rare. And near mint. 

8 Jimmy soul Clark, Sweet darling, soul hawk, £160 another classic total winner every time,

9 Sugar and sweet, you do t have to cry,  S S J.  £150 another tough record to find listhen to the sound byte on the site 

10 Hesitations, I’m not built that way, Kapp black stocker, double sider masterpiece £160 

11 Marlboros , My love is a sunny day, Ando, £700 what a tune another rate upfront 60ts monster 

12 Count Yates, Cruising, Newbag, £250 another extremly rare record on this label amazing crossover tune that is extremly hard to find let alone in this condition listen to this in my site.

Ok there you go some really cool top top tunes for sale once again from the pages of the truesoul web page www.truesoul.co.uk 
Thanks enjoy your Sunday hope you find something 
Colin law

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