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Cleveland, Ohio 70s soul Doc Peabody.


Expensive record and I apologise if this has been covered before (please direct me)

Millions of years ago someone told me that it was a singer called Clarence Reed.

I have found some listings for Clarence Reed (Jewel).....can someone confirm or deny please and add to info if possible


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  1. Carrie Cleveland - Make love to me ONLY PROMO
    Record Wants by Joaotenreiro on Fri 07 Feb 2020
    • 1 / 156
    • Joaotenreiro on 07 Feb 2020
  2. Cleveland Martin and The Soul Sets.
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Wed 05 Feb 2020
    • 1 / 265
    • Rob Moss on 05 Feb 2020
  3. Cleveland Robinson - Love is a trap
    Record Sales by kristian on Tue 28 Jan 2020
    • 1 / 293
    • kristian on 28 Jan 2020
  4. Ohio Players Love slipped/ Showment Wrong Girl- 12" dub
    Record Sales by Benji on Mon 23 Dec 2019
    • 1 / 415
    • Benji on 23 Dec 2019

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