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Sold Philly Biggie

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Completely lost sight of this 45 being up for OFFERS ending Monday just gone.  Caused by distractions, so I wasn’t able to push it up the page as a reminder, so change of tack, here it is for SET SALE.

PM any questions or to make an offer.

Vickie Baines – Country girl – Parkway 966 M- £2000 SOLD

Here’s the original spin up……. Where in the world today can you find a near mint copy of this mythical STOCKER? Philadelphia's Cameo-Parkway set up was a massive operation, knocking out hit after hit, year after year, easily done in collusion with Dick Clark’s American Bandstand show. Parkway was one half of the main operation, but labels like Audio Arts, Chariot and Fairmount where amongst many Northern producing subsidiaries.

Mr. Manship captured the importance of this rarity way back in 2012, when a vg+ copy went up for auction, quoting “four Northern Soul girl-vocal stock copies that are considered the ultimate of the genre to own; Janie Grant Parkway 982 STOCK copy is rare, Yvonne Baker Parkway 140 STOCK copy is very rare, Christine Cooper Parkway 983 STOCK copy is extremely rare and Vickie Baines Parkway 966 STOCK copy is way BEYOND rare!

Graded conservatively as M-, no marks, plays superbly.

PayPal as friends or add 4% please, or I can send bank details.

UK Postage included.

Overseas on request.

Cheers, Lee


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