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Articles: Hound Dog! The Big Mama Thornton Story

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News/Article/Feature Highlight: From juke joint to Peacock Records and beyond, a history of R&B artist Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton. View full article

Thanks for the article - great clip here


Thanks for posting this incredible performance. WHAT A VOICE! The power, depth and such a sweet tone. A powerful combination. This gal deserved to be a major star. Yet another sad tale of an African American artist who couldn't overcome the odds stacked against them.

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A Great article and what a voice I once read a story by Little Richard where he said  Big Mamma and himself had some kind of altercation and she chased him around a venue saying she was going to chop him in pieces he said if she had caught him she would have she was one mean big mamma LoL apparently her drug of choice was embalming fluid but what an artist



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