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15 x cheap 70s soul dancers

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15 x sales for a friday.. some reduced..some new ones added..but all cheaper than anywhere else.. paypal as friends please or add the 4% to cover fees..post is £3 1st class sign for and £10 sign /tracked overseas..you tube links are for reference only in case you may not know the tunes.. thanks for looking.


1. ray crumley - i want to be a part of you /good guys dont always win ( alarm) 1 non sounding mark away from M- £50




2. chocolate syrup - you`re of an runnin (ira) ex £45 slight edge warp not affect play



3. douglas and lonero - dont let yourself get carried away (rca victor promo) M- £30



4. will hatcher - you haven`t seen nothin yet ( wheelsville) ex £30 no piano blue label copy



5. limmie funk ltd - cant turn you loose / saturday night (psycho) ex £25 super disco edits


6. love machine - it only happen when i look at you (belgium phillips) ex £30 rare and great version no pic sleeve



7. james and bobby purify - a man cant be a man ( casablanca) ex £20 great version of sandra wright / bil coday



8. .tony owens -you got to pay the price ( listening post) vg+ £15 red label 1st issue small store warp



9. terry ronald - what the child needs ( uk mca) ex/ex £20

soul city mix.. brilliant modern soul



10. gene washington - dont throw your love away / got to get through to you ( colemine) 2 great sides £15




11. american gypsy - 10,000 miles ( chess demo) ex £12



12. brian holland - i`m so glad ( invictus demo) ex £10



13. lee fields - youre the kind of girl (truth & soul) ex £10



14. otis clay - it was jealousy / you did something to me ( uk london) ex centre dinked tho £8




15. saun & starr - hot shot ( daptone) ex £8


soul DA13EAB2 7183 4C5F 9835 4A8EDBF2AFC5

soul 94366C68 0C49 4BCE BFDB 45DD5B99AA97

soul 765C001F 22B2 4C05 BA76 6B48BD829862

soul 896A4F5A AA17 4313 9629 891C5B671BF6

soul EC9B6FE0 774A 4CD6 AD19 04CB2C670C93

soul E6C5298A 2996 452A 849C A2B54B620557

soul 9DFC9121 69D8 4C9F AF44 2DDE87167AC2

soul 7AC56667 011C 4F06 B1B4 8BFE6127C177

soul F3D1C263 129F 4569 A72C 2023042D8EEF

soul FC42A5DE 8473 4135 A7C9 53A120012450

soul 69AD5E8C 8F9A 4561 9171 48B8719711C6

soul 16BDD9FF 2ECA 4E0B AD38 8FDA61CD7E59

soul 0C97DA9C 0122 4AE1 943E D4017FC5A255

soul D5280D1D B3A2 4D44 A21D D856E0F980AC

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