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Update on the case against Getty Images by John Barrett - Author of the book 'Keeping the Faith' (2004)

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Interesting piece-thanks John 

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Getty Images 'appropriate' loads of the pictures they then charge others to use.

Back in 1963, a young guy landed a job at the 'Northern Despatch' paper in Darlington.  IAN WRIGHT was 15 and had to do the jobs no one else wanted to do. The papers photographer didn't want to work in the evenings unless it was a big story. So visiting pop acts playing local venues weren't for him. So he told Ian Wright to go along & take pictures. Wrighty caught the Beatles on all their early Nth East shows & struck up a friendship with the guys in the group. So much so that they asked him to go along on their 1st US tour to document it. So he built up a whole portfolio of rare pictures. Incidentally, he also took many early pics of the Animals & other acts who played the Club AGoGo in Newcastle in the mid 60's.

I was recently chatting with him & he told me that lots of his rare pics were now up on Getty Images but they had paid him nothing & had not asked permission to use them either.

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