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Sal’s Greenhouse - brand new EP


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Bay Area-stalwarts of soul, Sal’s Greenhouse will release a brand new EP on March 27th, 2020.
Produced by Justin Stanley, who has a laundry list of production credits ranging from Prince to
Beck to Leonard Cohen and beyond, the group has created their most polished album to date and
will celebrate its release with a hometown launch party at The New Parish in Oakland on March 28th
as a dual album release party with Otis McDonald and support from Mestizo Beat. The album will
come out on Color Red, record label and music platform founded by Eddie Roberts of The New

Frontwoman, Sally Green, sent a demo to Stanley in December 2018. Impressed by the band’s
tightly-knit pocket and Green’s expressive songwriting, he took on the project and by May 2019, they
were recording at Stella Sound Studios in North Hollywood, CA. Stanley took Green’s songwriting
and elevated it with highly danceable percussive beats, ghostly layers of well-crafted production, and
enamoring synth leads.

“I sent Justin Stanley my self-produced demo in December 2018, with no expectations of getting
a response, and by May we were tracking in his studio “Stella Sound” in North Hollywood! He is
an incredibly kind, & humble guy who has such a strong grasp on vintage sound, so it was a
dream to work with him. He is very spontaneous in his approach, which added excitement to
the process. The opportunity to work with someone of Justin's expertise is immeasurable. He's
worked with literally the best. Prince, Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney, Beck, Jamie Lidell,
Sheryl Crow, did I mention Prince? There's much, much more, but for me, the most important
collaboration he has done is with his wife, Nikka Costa. He produced/co-wrote her album
"Pebble to a Pearl" among many others, but specifically, this album is in my top 3 as most
influential. We are so lucky to have worked with him on this EP. It’s unique and warm, and really
reflects who we are as a band today. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have built that
relationship & friendship with Justin through my music. It’s just incredible,” Green remarks on
the process.

‘Bloom’ shows the band at its peak with the promise of continuing to reach new heights. “4-Ever”
premiered on SoulTracks in January 2020 and it’s a four-on-the-floor nu-disco heater that taps into
the feeling of being freshly in love. “All That I Need” offers a sultry strut recounting a breakup and
getting out with your head held high. The band shows off their instrumental side with the
afrobeat-inspired track “What.” “Tight Ship” is a head bobber that displays the crafty drum work of
James Small and in-the-pocket clavinet grooves courtesy of Craig Schneider. The EP concludes on
a high note with “Hope” highlighting Green’s soaring vocals backed up by rich backup vox and
driving guitar.

The band is teaming up with fellow Bay Area YouTube breakout artist turned sought after live act,
Otis McDonald and Los Angles-based afro-soul ensemble Mestizo Beat to bring an eclectic night
of music to the New Parish on March 28th.* “This is a handpicked lineup that I couldn’t be more
excited about,” says Green, “Otis is a YouTube sensation and a Bay Area staple. Mestizo Beat is
taking the west coast by storm and they’re a very sought after up-and-coming act. The talent on this
bill is immeasurable and the co-album release party will be a dance party from start to finish.” Sal’s
Greenhouse has recently joined Blue Sun Entertainment, also housing Mestizo Beat and there’s
sure to be lots of surprises and a night chock full of collaboration in store.

*Note: The show at New Parish has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and
keeping the health and safety of the general public at the forefront. This date is in the process of
being rescheduled.


Sal’s Greenhouse is a powerhouse funk collective led by vocalist/baritone saxophonist Sally
Green out of Oakland, CA. Their vibe is fundamentally funk-driven, but incorporates soul, rock &
R&B to create a sound uniquely their own. Sal’s Greenhouse has supported artists such as
Nikka Costa, Orgōne, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Dumpstaphunk, &
more. Their new EP “Bloom” produced by Justin Stanley was recorded in North Hollywood & is
scheduled to release on March 27, 2020.




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