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real world record shops status?


just wondering about the status of some of the real world (as in physical stores) record shops...

any owners/workers/shoppers like to pass on plans/status in these uncertain  times?

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We decided to close after Saturday as we felt we couldn’t justify giving people a reason to mix. I was also concerned that public opinion could become hostile to businesses that remained open and that was proven pretty quickly here in Scarborough, when crowds flocked to both bays at weekend, resulting in heavy criticism of the shops and cafes who were felt to be encouraging them.

On Monday the decision was taken further out of our hands as the government announced the shut down of non-essential retail. Our particular circumstances are that I also got the NHS text I was expecting, advising me I was in a high risk group and instructing me to self isolate for 12 weeks.

Our full time staff member will be furloughed under the Government’s Job Retention scheme, which means he’ll get 80% of his wage paid (eventually - we pay until the scheme is up and running). Despite the fact that we’re paying him the other 20% he’s not allowed to work - it’s a bit like benefit fiddling.

Therefore, with neither of us allowed in the shop that’s our online sales effectively shut down too and I took down our Discogs inventory today.

Judging by the conversations on the RSD forum, although all indie record shops are now closed, there’s still some lively debate about whether it’s right to continue to offer a mail order service just now.

Testing times to say the least...


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Just learned that record stores in Michigan have been told to close, like here in Britain I guess. The store owners are self employed so under pressure to earn a living and cover costs. Online shopping will help some store owners to get by but it will be tough on both sides of the Atlantic. If you are stuck in the house, music will be one of the few pleasures during the grim weeks and months ahead so a few record purchases may help keep some businesses ticking over.

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 I think it's more than just Michigan. I got an e-mail from Dusty Groove in Chicago- their Chicago store is closed but they

are open for online business. 

      The idea in the U.S. is that the President has left it up to each state's governors to decide how to deal with the 

Corona Virus In some states its business as usual and in others it's "shelter in place" aka stay home and only essential businesses are open. 

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