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Bargain clearance sales - Motown ,70/80s Uk & US

 most in great condition unless stated (RI) = reissue

US Imports

Kenny Gamble                         Aint it baby                              Arctic  (RI)                   £5.00

Coasters                                  Yakety Yak                               Atco                             £2.00

Aretha Franklin                       I never loved a man                Atlantic                        £3.00

Wilson Pickett                         Funky broadway                      Atlantic                        £2.00

Sam and Dave                         Soul sister brown sugar          Atlantic                        £3.00

Drifters                                    Up on the roof                         Atlantic                        £2.00

Otis Redding                           Satisfaction                             Atlantic oldies                         £2.00

Young Rascals                         Grooving                                 Atlantic oldies                         £2.00

Percy Sledge                           When a  man loves a woman Atlantic oldies                         £2.00

Lovells                                    Here come the heartaches     Brent (RI)                    £3.00

Carletts                                   Im getting tired                       Boby Robinson            £3.00

Terry Callier                            Look at me now                      Chess (RI)                    £5.00

Bernadette Castro                  Get rid of him                         Colpix (RI)                   £1.00

Enticers                                   Calling on your love                Cotillion                       £20.00

Cuff Links                                Tracy                                       Decca                          £4.00

Joe Tex                                    Close the door                         Dial                              £5.00

Shirley Vaughan                      Watch out mr lonely   `           Double RR                   £2.00

Contenders                              Do what you gotta do              Edge                         £25.00

Kimberleys                              Take me with you (Wigan)     Happy Tiger                £5.00

Edward Hamilton                    Baby don’t you weep              Mary Jane (70s press) £15.00

Betty Swann                            Make me yours                       Money                         £5.00

Lorenzo Manley                      Swoop down on you                Original Sound            £5.00  **

David Morris                           Hunky funky                            Philips                          £5.00

Chelsea Banque                      Get it                                       Red Fox                       £30.00

Paul Stuart Davies                   Lovin me stronger                   Robyn                          £5.00

Jo jo Adams                             Mr Temptation (v rare )         Soft                              £25

Lenny Williams                       I couldn’t find nobody             Soul 45                        £10.00

Otis Redding                           Happy song                             Stax                             £3.00

Soul Man                                 Soul man                                 Stax                             £5.00

Carla Thomas                          Baby                                        Stax                             £3.00



Uk Soul  / 60s / mod





Otis Redding              My girl                                     Atlantic Black                         £3.00

King Floyd                  Got to have your loving          Atlantic Red                           £3.00

Otis Redding              Fafafa sad song No Centre     Atlantic Red                            Free

Roberta Flack              Reverand Lee                          Atlantic Red                            £2.00

Roberta Flack              First time ever I saw your       Atlantic Blue / Red                  £2.00

Aretha Franklin           U make me (natural woman   Atlantic Blue / Red                 £2.00

Booker T & Mgs          Green onions                           Atlantic Blue / Red                  £2.00

Tramps                        That’s where happy people    Atlantic Blue / Red                  £1.00

Arthur Conley              Funky street                            Atlantic Blue / Red                  £2.00

Drifters                        Save the last dance + 2           Atlantic Blue / Red                  £2.00

Soul Brothers Six         Some kind of wonderful          Atlantic Blue / Red                  £6.00 **

Aimee Stewart                        Knock on wood                        Atlantic Blue / Red                  £2.00

Mel and Tim               Backfield in motion                 Concord                                   £3.00

Jonathan King              Everyones gone to the moon  Decca                                      £1.00 **

Brian Poole                 Twist and shout                       Decca                                      £1.00

Chris Andrews             Yesterday man                        Decca                                      £1.00

East of Eden                Jig  a Jig                                   Deram (Small l/t)                    £3.00

Spencer Davis             Somebody help me                 Fontana                                   £3.00

Viola Wills                   Run to the nearest exit           Goodear (brill)                          £10.00

Secret Affair                My world                                 I Spy                                         £3.00

Lou Christie                 Lightning strikes                      Mgm                                       £2.00

Freda Payne                Band of gold                            Invictus                                    £3.00

Johnny Praye               Cant get too much love           UK Kent Demo                      £30.00

Towana                       Wear your natural baby           UK Kent                                 £5.00

Robert Thomas           Love on a mountain top          Monument                              £3.00

Frankie Valli                Touch the rainchild                 Mowest                                   £3.00

Sam  the Sham            Woolly Bully                            Old  Gold                                 £3.00

Small Faces                 Sha la la la lee                        Old  Gold                                 £3.00

Jam                              Start                                        Polydor                                    £3.00

Jam                              Going underground                 Polydor                                    £3.00

Gene Latter                 Groove it (old wigan stomp)   Private Stock                           £15.00

Tams                           Hey girl don’t bother me        Probe                                       £1.00

Val McKenna               Love Feeling (Wigan )             Uk Spark (Blue)                       £10.00

Booker T and Mgs       Time is tight                            UK Stax                                    £3.00

Otis & Carla                Lovey dovey                            UK Stax  (Blue)                                    £5.00

Arthur Brown              Fire                                          UK Track                                  £3.00



70s  UK

Moments                     Jack in the box                                    All Platinum                £2.00

Gladys Knight              Come back and finish                         Buddah                        £2.00

Taste of Honey            Boogie oogie oogie                             Capitol                         £2.00

Tavares                       Don’t take away the music                 Capitol                         £3.00

Constellation Orch      Perfect love affair                               CBS                              £3.00

Rita Fortune                Sisters and  Brothers                           CBS                              £3.00

Lorelei                                     Stop                                                     Cbs                              £2.00

Mass Production         Wine flow disc o                                  Cotillion                       £2.00

Cashmere                    Can I                                                    Fourth & Broadway     £5.00 PC

Billy Ocean                  Stop me                                               GTO                             £1.00

Raw Silk                       Do it to the music                               KR                                £10.00

Majors                         It only happens when I look at you     Magnet                       £10.00

Johnny Bristol              Hang on in there baby                        Mgm                           £2.00

21st Creation               Tailgate  (wigan)                                 Motown 1075              £6.00

Marv Johnson              Aint nothing like the real thing           Nightmare                   £2.00

Gentle Persuasion       Dynamite explodes                             People                         £2.00

Life                              Cats eyes                                             Philips                          £5.00

Booker Newbury         Love town                                            Polydor                        £5.00

Chantelle Curtis          Get another love                                 Pye                              £5.00

Jimmy James               I’ll go where the music takes me       Pye                              £1.00

Joe Bataan                  Latin Strutt                                          Rca                              £2.00

Arthur Adams              You got the floor                                 Rca                              £5.00

Betty Wright               Where is the love                                Rca                              £1.00

Evelyn Thomas            High energy                                        Record Shack              £5.00

George Soule              Get involved                                        UA                               £10.00

Collins & Collins          Back by popular demand                    Blank UK                      £3.00



70s Imports    


Edwin Starr                 Contact                                                20th Century                £5.00

Ann Sexton                  I still love you                                      77 records                   £10.00

Billy Davis                   Three steps from true love                 Abc                              £5.00

Boogie Mann Orch     Lady lady lady                                      Boogie Mann              £10.00

Brooklyn Bridge          Free as the wind                                 Buddah                        £10.00

Tyrone Davis               This I swear                                         Columbia                     £5.00

Temprees                    I found love on a discofloor                Epic (Fanstastic)          £5.00  

Righteous Brothers     Hold on                                                Haven (Brilliant)         £20.00

Solar Heat                   Lets go dancing                                   Mca Demo                  £5.00

LJ Johnson                   You keep my temperature rising        Mercury                      £50.00

Magic Disco Machine Control Tower                                     Motown Demo            £8.00

Preston & Syrteeta      Go for it                                               Motown Demo            £8.00

Commodores              Flying  high                                          Motown Demo            £8.00

Ojays                           Love train                                            PIR                               £5.00

Jean Carn                    Free love                                             Pir                                £5.00

O’jays                          I just want to testify                            PIR                               £5.00

Vicky Sue Robinson     Turn the beat around                          Rca                              £5.00

5th Avenue Band          One way or another                            Reprise Demo             £12.00


US Motown  

Marv Johnson              I'll pick a rose for my rose                 Gordy (VG)      £5.00

Martha & Vandellas   You’ve been in love to long                Gordy Plum     £10 (brilliant)

Martha & Vandellas   You’ve been in love to long                 Gordy Purple  £8.00

Martha & Vandellas   You’ve been in love to long                 Gordy Plum                £3.00 (VG+)

Martha & Vandellas   Quicksand                                            Gordy Plum    £5.00

Martha & Vandellas   Live wire                                             Gordy              £5.00

Martha & Vandellas   Heatwave                                            Gordy              £5.00

Temptations                Get ready                                            Gordy              £8.00

Temptations                Take a look around                             Gordy              £3.00

Commodores              Still                                                      Motown           £1.00

Supremes                    Nothing but heartaches                      Motown           £3.00

Mary Wells                 Two lovers                                           Motown           £5.00

Mary Wells                 Your old stand by                                Motown           £5.00

Four Tops                    It’s all in the game                              Motown           £3.00

Jackson 5                     ABC                                                     Motown           £5.00

Jackson 5                     I want you back                                   Motown           £5.00

Barbara McNair          You could never love him                   Motown           £3.00

Diana Ross                  Good morning heartache                   Motown           £1.00

Miracles                      Love machine                                      Motown           £5.00

Bonnie Pointer            Heaven must have sent you                Motown           £4.00

Ross & Ritchie             Endless love                                        Motown           £2.00

David Ruffin                I pray every day you regret lovin me Motown           £4.00

Bonnie Pointer            I can’t help myself                               Motown  DJ    £4.00

Kenny Stoker               I love to see you dance                       Motown DJ      £4.00

Dr Strutt                      Struttin’                                               Motown DJ      £4.00

Temptations                Lonliness made me realise                 Motown YY      £3.00

R D Taylor                   Gotta see Jane                                    Rare Earth       £6.00

Junior Walker              Walk in the night                                Soul 35095      £3.00

Junior Walker              Cleos mood                                         Soul 35017      £3.00

Junior Walker              Road runner                                        Soul 35015      £3.00 (vg ++)

Junior Walker              Road runner                                        Soul 35015      £5.00

Jimmy Ruffin               What becomes of the broken heart   Soul 35022      £3.00

Jimmy Ruffin               What becomes of the broken heart   Soul 35022      £5.00

Miracles                      Shop around                                        Tamla              £6.00

Isley Brothers              Behind a painted smile                       Tamla              £25.00 (Rare US)

Isley Brothers              I’ll guess I’ll always love you                Tamla              £8.00

Miracles                      Do it baby                                            Tamla              £5.00

Smokey Robinson        You are forever                                   Tamla              £2.00








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6 hours ago, Wiganer1 said:


HI DO YOU STILL     Kenny Gamble                       Aint it baby 

Lenny Williams                       I couldn’t find nobody

Lovells                                    Here come the heartaches  

Bonnie Pointer            Heaven must have sent you  if so please let me know postage and pay pal address thank you

HI DO YOU STILL     Kenny Gamble                       Aint it baby 

Lenny Williams                       I couldn’t find nobody

Lovells                                    Here come the heartaches  

Bonnie Pointer            Heaven must have sent you  if so please let me know postage and pay pal address thank you


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hi mate sincere apologies for delay

been a mad weekend...Lorenzo had a crack all the way through and is unplayable

Shirley ok tho

kind regards




stay safe

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