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Rob Moss

Jimmy Delphs, Stylists, Tony Hester, Bobby Sheppard.

Latest previously unreleased Hayley singles FOR SALE. Post extra.

£15 each.

JIMMY DELPHS Walk on into my heart c/w OLLIE McLAUGHLIN ORCHESTRA Where there is love.



THE STYLISTS I need your loving ( to satisfy my soul) c/w JOHHNY GRIFFITH BAND Please operator



TONY HESTER Keep a hold on me c/w PERFECTIONS Just can't leave you.



BOBBY SHEPPARD Surely c/w GILFORD & SCRUGGS Don't let me lose it.



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  1. Stylists, Tony Hester, Jimmy Delphs white promos.
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Thu 07 Mar 2019
    • 1 / 287
    • Rob Moss on 07 Mar 2019
  2. Stylists. Tony Hester, Jimmy Delphs, JJ Barnes plus more.
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Sun 01 Sep 2019
    • 1 / 311
    • Rob Moss on 01 Sep 2019
  3. Jimmy Delphs, Stylists, Tony Hester plus more.
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Thu 12 Dec 2019
    • 1 / 313
    • Rob Moss on 12 Dec 2019
  4. Jimmy Delphs, Stylists, Tony Hester..
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Fri 27 Dec 2019
    • 1 / 355
    • Rob Moss on 27 Dec 2019
    Record Sales by Rob Moss on Mon 06 Jan 2020
    • 1 / 274
    • Rob Moss on 06 Jan 2020

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