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A bit of a list . Across the genres at clearance prices

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To clear ..., underplayed , x- over , oldies , rarer etc., all hopefully much much less than list price (if I've got anything wrong, please let me know ) . Also check out the £5- £15 cheapees - some real gems there !
Sound files should be on youtube .
PMS please

Ronnie Sawyer & Oscar Cobb 'take my world' (Delta) ex +£25
The Creations 'just remember me' (Globe) ex+ £50
Masters of Soul 'sad face' (Ovide) ex+£15
Moments 'Hurts on me, baby' (Stang) ex+ £5. fabulous, sounds like ££££
Watson T Brown 'some lovin' (okeh promo) ex +£15. old John Parker c/u SOLD 
Ruby Winters 'just like a yo yo' (Diamond) vg+ £15
Mary Love 'let me know' (Modern) vg+ £15. spare as found I already had filed as flip !
Otis Leavill 'nobody but you' (Smash) ex £25
California Malibus 'Love in my life' (M&M) ex £140
Felice Taylor 'I can feel your love' (Kent) ex .wear around centre £40
The Lovettes 'I need a guy' (Carnival) ex+£70
Four Sonics ' where are you' (Triple B) £40 . ex+ Fab Detroit Northern.
Jo Jo Murray & Top Flight Band 'I'm in love' (I B Productions) ex+ £10. current Ian Levine play.
The Chaumonts 'when you love someone' (Bay Sound) ex flip 'l need your love ' off centre, hence £50.
Bobby Cutchins 'I did it again' (Lasso) ex+£15 SOLD
Billy Robinson and The Burners 'shucks you left the fire burning' (Crazy Horse) ex+ £30. Old Guy H. c/u and Burnley nighter play. SOLD 
Jimmy Jackson 'Footsteps in the shadows ' (Buddah) ex+ £10
Casinos 'if I told you'/' everybody can't be pretty ' (Del- Val) ex £30
Jamie Principle 'date with the rain' (Atlantic) ex+ £5
Mary Holmes 'I need your lovin' (Philly Groove ) ex+ (blue label) £35
Alicia Myers 'I want to thank you' (MCA promo) ex+ £50
Fabulous Peps 'I cant get it right'(Premium) ex £15
Millie Jackson 'A house for sale' (Spring) ex+ £40
Freddie Gorman 'The day will come' (Miracle) ex (black pen on black label) £30
The Webs 'tomorrow' (Popside)m-£5
Harold Andrews 'Since I talk to my baby's (HLS) ex+ £15
The Holidays 'watch out girl' (Golden World) ex+£10
Younger Brothers 'I cant forget you' (Roulette dj)ex £10
TNT Band 'The meditation' (Cotique)ex  £15 SOLD 
Benny Johnson 'baby I love you' (Today) ex+£5
Mike & The Censations 'don't mess with me' (Highland) ex £40
Charlie Gracie 'walk with me' (Sock & Soul) ex+£5
The Rosebuds 'say you'll be mine' (Tower) ex £80 . £150 elsewhere !
George Goodman & The Headliners 'I'm so tired' (Val) ex £5 SOLD 
Herman H Harper 11 'headed for the streets' (Loadstone) ex £20
Melba Moore 'magic touch' (Horaces ) ex £30
Johnny Sayles ' the concentration' (Chi Town)ex £15
Johnny Sayles 'my love is a monster (Chi Town) ex £15
Joyce Jones ' help me make up my mind' (Atco) ex £60
Miar Davies 'ten good reasons ' (Decca) ex £35 
Sons of Robin Stone 'got to get you back' (Atlantic) ex+ £5
George Semper Rhythm Commitee 'dont be afraid' (Rama ) with co. sleeve. ex £5
Donnie Wells ' you've got my love' (Scepter promo) ex £45. slight biro on flip
Rita & The Tiaras 'gone with the wind (is my love)'B/w The Superbs 'on a day when it's raining', The Vel-Vetts ' you never really know 'till its over'.(Joe Boy ep ) pic cover & great sleeve notes. M- £25.

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