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Extremely Rare Latin Panama Soul 7's with Sound Clips

Posted (edited)


I am presenting you the Soul Records from Panama, from my last digging trip.

All the records with the links for the sound clips and grading.

Please contact me regarding the pictures, prices or more info about the records.



Love Warmth & Affection 45rpm [Expression Of Affection - Talking 'Bout Love] VG-

HEAR: Love Warmth & Affection

Los Silvertones 45rpm [You Call Me By My Name - A Barranquilla] VG

HEAR: Los Silvertones

The Impresionts canta Cecilio Livingston 45rpm [Children Of The Night - Mal De Amor] VG-

HEAR: The Impresionts

SOLD The Exciters 45rpm [Ese muerto no lo cargo yo - Exciters theme] VG+

HEAR: The Exciters

Los Fabulosos Festivals 45rpm [Regresa pronto - Can I change my mind] VG-

HEAR: Los Fabulosos Festivals

Los Mozambiques 45rpm [A flor de piel - I like to be with you] VG+

HEAR: Los Mozambiques

Los Mozambiques 45rpm [Mi Decepcion - Shaba Shuba] VG

HEAR: Los Mozambiques

The Beachers 45rpm [Beacher's Descarga - It's All Right] VG

HEAR: The Beachers

The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [Soul train - Mujer] VG+ wol

HEAR: The Soul Fantastics

The Malicumba A Go-Go Mighty Vilma Elliott 45rpm [Respect - Siboney] VG

HEAR: Mighty

The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [El porcentaje - El mismo sere] VG

HEAR: The Soul Fantastics

The Happy Sound 45rpm [Beautiful Chichi - Don't Let Me Cry] VG

HEAR: The Happy Sound

Los Silvertones 45rpm [Tamborito swing - Corazon dolorido] VG

HEAR: Los Silvertones

Skorpio 45rpm [A Que No - Lovin You] VG to VG+

HEAR: Skorpio

The Beacher's 45rpm [Adios muchachos - Why] VG

HEAR: The Beacher's

Los Incognitos 45rpm [Te Quiero Carino - Ritmo Santana] VG-

HEAR: Los Incognitos

Little Francisco Greaves 45rpm [Saying Goodbye - Necia de Mi Corazon] G+

HEAR: Little Francisco Greaves

Ismael Cardenas con The Lyrics Combo 45rpm [Vuelve Amor Mio - Lyrics Jamboree] VG

HEAR: The Lyrics Combo

Los Superiores 45rpm [Avivate Mulato - Libre Soy De Ti] VG-

HER: Los Superiores

The Beachers 45rpm [Honey - The Walk Back] G+

HEAR: The Beachers

The Exciters 45rpm [Ojos Verdes - Yo Que Nada Tengo] G+

HEAR: The Exciters

The Happy Sound 45rpm [Without Love - Cock Head] VG-

HEAR: The Happy Sound

The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [Everybody Some One To Love - Se Que Vendras] G+

HEAR: The Soul Fantastics

The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [Groovy Situation - El Arca De Noe] VG

HEAR: The Soul Fantastics

The Soul Fantastics 45rpm [Regresaras - Soul cucaracha] VG++

HEAR: The Soul Fantastics

The Festivals 45rpm [Angelitos negros - Angelitos negros instrumental] VG+

HEAR: The Festivals

Cecilio Cess Wilmot Los Goombays 45rpm [Mi Viejo - He'll Have To Go] VG

HEAR: Cecilio Cess Wilmot

Los Dinamicos Exciters 45rpm [Chana Y Juana - La Pobre Mia] VG

HEAR: Los Dinamicos Exciters

Los Silverstones 45rpm [Oh Gee! - Silverstones swing] VG

HEAR: Los Silverstones

Skorpio 45rpm [Tu Volveras - Un Pedactio De Ti] G+ 

HEAR: Skorpio

The Duncan Bros 45rpm [Sinembargo - Supernatural] VG- 

HEAR: The Duncan Bros

Los Rebeldes 45rpm [Tus Celos - Ya No Volveras] G+

HEAR: Los Rebeldes

Los Silvertones 45rpm [Brown girl - Daddy's home] G+

HEAR: Los Silvertones

Los Soul Fantastics 45rpm [Sound's of Joy - You Can't Get] VG to VG+

HEAR: Los Soul Fantastics

The Beachers 45rpm [Africa Caliente - One More Chance] VG+ YELL

HEAR: The Beachers

The Persuaders 45rpm [Black power - Many nights] VG to VG+

HEAR: The Persuaders

Los Excelentes 45rpm [Noches Felices - Having My Baby] VG MOZ

HEAR: Los Excelentes

Los Naturales 45rpm [Las Golondrinas - Swear To God] G+

HEAR: Los Naturales

Los Dinamicos del Ritmo 45rpm [Mana Mana - Skokian] VG+

HEAR: Los Dinamicos del Ritmo

Los Excelentes 45rpm [Noches Felices - Having My Baby] MOZ VG-

HEAR: Los Excelentes

The Persuaders 45rpm [Love And Peace - Two Nights] VG to VG+

HEAR: The Persuaders

The Fuzz 45rpm [Like An Open Door - I Love You For All Seasons] VG+

HEAR: The Fuzz

Edited by djpiotrelpolaco

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