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A few nice U.S. originals today, from the Columbia & Capitol labels.

Special Delivery advised on dearer orders at £8.00p extra, for 1 to 3 discs.

Recorded Delivery is £3.00p extra, for 1 to 3 discs.


U.K. customers only, I'm afraid.

Direct Message please for details, rather than using the thread.


All will have clean labels, unless stated otherwise.


OTIS LEAVILL          RIGHT BACK IN LOVE/KEEP ON LOVING          COLUMBIA   DEMO         EX-        £30      (Has light scratches, but plays great)

THE RIVINGTONS               TEND TO BUSINESS            COLUMBIA    DEMO            EX+         £45

GIGI & THE CHARMAINES              POOR UNFORTUNATE ME             COLUMBIA    DEMO         EX+       £25

THE IMPROBABLES           A MOST UNUSUAL FEELING           COLUMBIA       DEMO         EX+        £25

EDDIE & ERNIE              DOGGONE IT             COLUMBIA        DEMO          EX+       £30

BOBBY DIAMOND          STOP         COLUMBIA     DEMO          VG+      £50    ( Light scratches downs grade, but plays well)   ***  ON HOLD  ***

PAUL PEEK              I'M MOVIN UPTOWN             COLUMBIA    DEMO            EX+          £30

PAT LUNDY           SOUL AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT THE BLUES             COLUMBIA    DEMO           EX+        £25

PAT LUNDY              CITY OF STONE / THE THRILL IS GONE             COLUMBIA    DEMO           EX+         £30

DONALD WILSON           I'VE GOT TO GET MYSELF TOGETHER              COLUMBIA    DEMO          EX+         £60

BERNARD PRETTY PURDY             FICKLE FINGER OF FATE             COLUMBIA    DEMO           EX           £25

TAJ MAHAL               A LOT OF LOVE             COLUMBIA    DEMO              VG+/ GOOD               £50            ( The main side plays very well indeed, but the B side is a bit 'crackly' here and there. Could probably benefit from a good clean. Priced down to reflect this.)

KENNY LONAS            WOULD YOU BELIEVE           COLUMBIA     DEMO           EX           £30

JIMMY BAILEY            HAPPY TRAIN            COLUMBIA    DEMO            EX+          £25

O. C. SMITH              DOUBLE LIFE              COLUMBIA    DEMO           EX+          £25

MONGO SANTAMARIA             BLOODSHOT              COLUMBIA    DEMO          EX+          £25

PATTI AUSTIN             CAN'T FORGET THE ONE I LOVE              COLUMBIA     DEMO          EX+        £25    ( Has '11-10-71' in biro, on both labels)


OBREY WILSON                 IF YOU WERE THERE            COLUMBIA      RED ISSUE          EX+           £50

SPELLBINDERS             CHAIN REACTION / A LITTLE ON THE BLUE SIDE         COLUMBIA     RED ISSUE        EX-      £30   (Light scratches, plays fine)

SPIRAL STAIRCASE          MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY           COLUMBIA     RED ISSUE         EX       £25   (Light non sounding scratch, on B. side)



MAGNIFICENT MEN             MUCH MUCH MORE OF YOUR LOVE           CAPITOL    DEMO          EX+        £25

MAGNIFICENT MEN               SAVE THE COUNTRY              CAPITOL      DEMO            EX+          £25

THE CHECKMATES              PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY WORLD AWAY            CAPITOL    DEMO          EX+         £30

THE JADES            AIN'T IT FUNNY WHAT LOVE CAN DO              CAPITOL    DEMO          EX+          £25

BARBARA & BELIEVERS        WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO ME NOW        CAPITOL  DEMO        EX-     £25   ( Light scratches, plays well. X on B .side label)

BILLY CARR               IT'S MAD             CAPITOL    DEMO             EX+          £20

JERRY JACKSON               MISS YOU                 CAPITOL    DEMO             EX+           £25

MARIAN LOVE               WALK PROUND AND PRETTY                CAPITOL    DEMO             EX+          £20

PATTI DREW                 WORKIN' ON A GROOVY THING                 CAPITOL     DEMO           EX+          £20

PATTI DREW             THERE'LL NEVER BE ANOTHER                  CAPITOL      DEMO             EX+          £25

THE ESQUIRES               LISTEN TO ME             CAPITOL    DEMO             EX+            £25

PATTI DREW              HE'S THE ONE             CAPITOL    DEMO           EX+            £25

BOBBY SHEEN        SHE TAUGHT ME WHAT LOVE REALLY IS         CAPITOL    DEMO         EX+     £60    (Record is off centre, but plays fine)

LAURA GREENE              MEMORIES AND SOUVENIRS              CAPITOL        DEMO            EX+          £20


DORIS TROY              FACE UP TO THE TRUTH                CAPITOL      ISSUE             EX+         £125       ***  SOLD  ***

CINDY MALONE              IS IT OVER BABY             CAPITOL    ISSUE             EX+           £40

PATTI DREW                STOP AND LISTEN                CAPITOL       ISSUE              EX+           £40

PATTI DREW                 TURN AWAY FROM ME / TELL HIM             CAPITOL    ISSUE            EX+         £20

TOMMY HUNT              I'LL MAKE YOU HAPPY                CAPITOL    ISSUE                EX+           £35

THE DAISES                 COLD WAVE               CAPITOL    ISSUE                EX+           £40

MAGNIFICENT MEN                    I'VE GOT NEWS                CAPITOL ISSUE               EX+            £40

ERNIE ANDREWS                  WHERE WERE YOU              CAPITOL    ISSUE           EX+          £25

JAY LEWIS               HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR LOVE                 CAPITOL    ISSUE             EX             £20

VERDELLE SMITH               IF YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING NICE ABOUT ME           CAPITOL    ISSUE           EX               £20

JERRY COOK                I HURT ON THE OTHER SIDE              CAPITOL    ISSUE           EX-         £30   (This is the second press/boot from the 70's)

ERNIE ANDREWS               FINE YOUNG GIRL                 CAPITOL     ISSUE               EX             £40

BETTYE SWANN               MY HEART IS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON              CAPITOL    ISSUE             EX+          £20

MARIAN LOVE              CAN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU BABY                  CAPITOL    ISSUE              EX+         £50

PATRICE HOLLOWAY              BLACK MOTHER GOOSE               CAPITOL      ISSUE          EX             £20


That's it for today, many thanks for looking.

Cheers Donna.


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