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Detroit City FC

Detroit City FC: The football team rising from America’s biggest ruin

But he has never seen anything like Detroit City.

"It is a unique club," he tells BBC Sport.

"There is a mentality that is Detroit against the world. They want independence because that is what Detroit is. Detroit City FC is an independent club.

"Some really good things come out of that. And occasionally we'll do things that upset people."

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Just viewed a number of Image’s ref Detroit City FC - looking at the massive high proportion of Black or African Americans in Detroit - as they don’t seem to support it - are they not interested in football ??

The ethnic composition of the population of Detroit, MI is composed of 520k Black or African American Alone residents (77.3%), 73k White Alone residents (10.8%), 52.7k Hispanic or Latino residents (7.84%), 11.5k Two or More Races residents (1.7%), 10.6k Asian Alone residents (1.58%), 3.16k Some Other Race Alone ...

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