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Listed hundreds of clean soul 45s on discogs

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Well, since I won’t be attending any of the now-cancelled record fairs worldwide, I’ve unloaded a bunch of good 45s online.

I will continue until the world gets back to normal a bit..so please check back in here and there, great stuff coming soon.

Any of my previous customers can write me here for direct deals, (items will be taken down) and a little love. You know how I do this....


Thank you, stay safe!


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Since writing last, I’ve posted over 800 new 45s, most near mint, soul classics at great prices, overseas shipping going great so far...

Please check in regularly, I’ve posting as many as possible...

...And thank you to those who do.

All the best,

Mike and Michelle

(formally known as thatgirl75 on eBay years ago)

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