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Hi, We've Got Some Updates For You.............

This appeared on my pc yesterday but only on my account, not my son's or the wife's. I've read that there is a big update coming for Windows 10 and thought it was that. Read a few things on the net and it seems legit so left the pc on overnight. This morning nothing had changed and my account has gone. I get the sign in but a pop up box tells me there's nothing there although my son's and wife's accounts are still there. Had anyone else had this? Is it worth doing a system restore? My pc is about 10years old and never had a problem. Not a heavy user but all my work is on it. This is what seems to of happened but as yet I haven't followed any steps. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/hi-weve-got-some-updates-for-your-pc-is-on-my-hp/be06ca58-0682-446e-b1bf-f4b5bbf1c1bd

I have two updates on my restore point, 24 April Windows update 1903-os build 18362.778 and 1909-is build 18363.778     
there is another pending download, 2020-02 cumulative update for .net framework 3.5&4.8for Windows 10 version 1909for x64(kb4537572)
 and one for This morning as an automatic restore point.

Just seeking a bit of advice, thanks. 




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All sorted now, system restore seems to have worked after reading up about it 👍

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I had to do a system restore last week on my Windows 10 , suddenly had a few problems  but luckily it worked and went back to normal .

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