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My Samsung Galaxy S7 finally died last night with the dreaded black screen blue light syndrome. Cant do anything with it so what Galaxy phone do people recommend S10, S10e or the S10 x i think its called. I,m not going down the S20 path way to expensive.

Managed to reboot my old Nokia N8 windows phone which is running windows 8.1 so i,ve at least got a phone but cant upgrade to windows 10 because it no longer supports the system. 


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I have got the S10. Not sure on all the difference models available now - it was the only option when I got it. But its fine for me. Security is very good on it. 

I wouldn't want to go any bigger though.....if you need bigger than that for what you using it for, I reckon you would be better using a tablet / laptop and a smaller mobile (not a phablet fan). 

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Ive got the galaxy s20+ before that i had a s9 and to be honest the s9 was just as good apart from the bigger screen on the s20.S9 great phone great speed and graphics and much better fit in yu pocket. 

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^ ^ ^

Interesting, as I had the S8 before the S10 - and the S10 is quite a bit better (especially security wise, but also screen res, speed and particularly sound/speakers).

So maybe the S9 was the big improvement year? 

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