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Eddie Floyd - original 1966 US performance contract

Eddie Floyd - ORIGINAL memorabilia 1966 performance contract (St. Petersburg, Florida). 

From the Waldon Artists and Promotions / Paragon Agency estate. An original performance booking contract (AGVA #106880) for an appearance by Eddie Floyd at the Roseland Ballroom, St. Petersburg, Florida. Performance date December 1966. Details of venue location, rehearsal and show times, fees, terms and conditions, and deposit requirements are referenced. This contract from Eddie's early Stax years is significant when considered it is dated a few months after the release of "Knock on wood" and two months  before "Raise your hand". Under £30 for a unique piece of soul music history.

The document is in very good condition, with minimal creasing and no tears or defacement. Follow link below for details and to reserve.



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