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tunes for sale

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irma thomas what are you trying to do  imperial  ex 40 SOLD

melba moore magic touch/tommy hunt pretty part of you   horaces  ex  35

rita + the tiaras    gone with the wind is my love/swans nitty gritty city ex   dore (long out of press re issue)  25 SOLD

dobie gray out on the floor  charger  vg++  20

 joe burrell   there was a time (aka  our love is dying)  kent 7 

yvonne baker you dident say a word parkway white demo   most say boot and some say legit re issue  ??   15

billy butler right track brittish epic demo vg++  25

exciters reaching for the best vg++ century  5

 hamilton movement   shes gone  soul mafia ex 20

 the tomangoes  i really love you vg++  grapevine 25

babe ruth elusive  brittish capital vg++  20

albert washington im the man/dorothy williams the wells gone dry  kent ex  40 SOLD

joe tex show me brittish atlantic vg+ 10

larry hale once  dimand vg++   books at  100/120   my price  60   SOLD

post £2.95   f and f      will look at very very near offers


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