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Mal C

Sold **Symphonic Four * Larry Atkins * Big Don's Rebellion**

Hi all, nice selection of originals for sale:

Sharon Scott - Putting My Heart Under Lock & Key / Dean Courtney - Today is My day / Kent Anniversary 6T 12. EX++ £120
I used to have the whole set but gave up collecting them, I did keep several though and this was deffo a keep when I sold the others,

Big Don's Rebellion - It Was True / Smokin / Ethon M- £300
Comes in assorted flavors so to speak, Burgundy, White (Demo) and Yellow label, personally I love the yellow one, just looks cool, utterly fabulous track and a very nice condition copy from my collection.

Symphonic Four - Who do you Think You're Fooling (Part 1/2) / Zudan EX++ £250
Fabulous record, and from what I can see this has seen allot of interest recently online, went for allot more than this recently on Ebay, about the track I guess what you might call a Low Rider track, or Sweet Soul 45, be honest in the 9ts tracks like these were just good, so you bought em... 🙂

Larry Atkins - Ain't that Love Enough / Lighten Up / Highland EX++ £300
All time Northern Anthem, both sides...again like all the above from my collect and a real nice copy, label and Styrene, has anybody seen a vinyl copy of this Highland release before?

Pay and Postage
PayPal as friends and family or add 4%, bank transfer also is fine.
Postage: add  £7.50 for Registered post (insured up to £500) within the UK.
Overseas pls state where you are and I'll get a quote back to you, but may take time due to Covid-19.

cheers all 







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