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Free & Easy Members Auction feature - first run

Just so aware, having first run out of our new members free & easy auction feature

Basically its a simple auction system that is integrated with our revised members store  features.


Currently for the first run out am using a box of SKMs (30 issues) as a 'live' auction sale before our 'official' opening

Have a look, have a bid if you fancy some knock down lock down reading (keep in mind it is a 'live' auction though) 

Feedback/thoughts etc most welcome

SKM auction here


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9 hours ago, Mike said:

improvements to the auction view page

ending date displayed improved

and countdown to auction ending added


can view via the first 'live' auction which is ending in a few hours



ok that's the first 'live' one just ended

seemed to go well

 you can see the bid history and the winner and final price via the page and the tab 'auction logs' via the auction item page or via the 'ended' section

there's a few tweaks needed/planned over the next few days

but if any member wishes to give it a go then feel free but need to bear in mind that it is early days, choice of 3 free auction packages at the moment 3 , 7, 28 day plus can make use of our magazine section and /or our long term sales section

as said its all free and easy and open to all members






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Some info

the forum integration is real time - look above and you can see that the link is displaying real time info
as in the auction/sale current state eg finished x hours ago
this is the same thru out the forum highlight embedded posts

notifications on bids, outbids etc etc - the sales system can send you system notifications such as 'if you are outbid', 'sale ending 'and such - you can choose whether to have these by pm or via email or both



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it appears that the 'reserve met/not met' message wasn't showing on the actual item page

this was how the original software release had things, just so aware have tweaked this so items now do show a 'reserve met/not met' message



click the below to see..



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Software design change

the software was designed not to allow a member to rebid until they have been oubidded.

This has now changed and if wanted  a member can now increase their bid as per the below



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