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Heads Up - A harder line on political posts/posters

Just a quick heads up to all members that starting today the site is adopting a harder line on members posting political posts in unsuitable topics/forums

It does seem to me that the various virus topics have been used by some members more as a vehicle to post and promote their own political views rather than actually discuss virus related topics

As the site owner I do feel that these out of place postings are sucking the life/enjoyment/interest out of all our off topic forums and we now are at the point where action is needed

We are not set up to offer full on political discussion, as to offer such does require a level of moderation/moderators that is beyond our resources.

While fully understand that it can be hard to keep current politics out of virus related discussion, that difficulty does not mean that members can then use such discussion to lecture/post/argue further political viewpoints

As said we are going to take a harder line on member over doing the political posts. Each main virus related topic will have a message on with guidelines on what the topic is about and what is acceptable. Members will be expected to follow these, if not then action may be taken to both protect and ensure the topic/forums stays worthwhile 


Some current virus related topics


Lockdown life

The best place for talking about cv day to day stuff 



Virus Serious Discussion 

for the more serious virus talk - government actions and such

but no non virus related political posts, If any doubt then simply do not post


(temp closed for a few hours a new link will follow )


Bottom line

Repeated political lectures, arguments etc etc are not what these topics were/are set up for, if that is your thing then best go somewhere else, those sort of posts on here are not welcome and no longer acceptable

We want these topics to be open and welcome to all members, all should feel free to get involved in non soul discussions on here. In these times these virus related topics could be useful, worthwhile and helpful to all members, this is what we are after and why we are taking such steps

Ask all members to assist us in this





now open


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