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Mitzi Ross - I’ll Do More EP

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Out NOW on Brewerytown Records - The complete Cougar Records recordings from this little known Philadelphia songstress. Rose Rouse Bryant AKA Mitzi Ross had only a few singles released through her short lived career as a Philly soul singer. Her C.R.S. Single entitled Man Hunt was released last year through a Tramp Records compilation, but the paramount single in her arsenal was the massive drum heavy tune “I’ll Do More For You Baby” released in 1970 on Cougar Records from Camden NJ. 

Max @BrewerytownBeats has spent the last year digging into this little know singers career only to find the original mix down session tape with two previously unreleased tunes (both songs were recorded as well by Ann Byers and released on Cougar, but Mitzi adds he own twist to these never before heard songs)




Also on ITunes and all other streaming services. 



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Hiya, I'll do more for you baby, great record. I never tire of hearing, cheers

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