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Whats left ..to clear ...

To clear , many now further reduced ....underplayed , x- over , oldies , rarer etc., all hopefully much much less than list price (if I've got anything wrong please let me know ).

Check out the £5- £20 cheapees - some real gems there !

Sound files should be on youtube .

PMS please.

The Dramatics 'don't make me no promises' (Cadet ) m- £10 fabulous /recommended

GQ 'make my dreams reality ' (Arista) m- £7.50 ON HOLD 

5th Dimension 'don't h hear me calling' to ya' (Soul City) ex £5

Morning After ' Merry go round pt.1 (Buddah) ex £10

The Charts 'Desiree' (Wand WND 112) ex £10

Fresh Flavor ' Without you I'm a loser ' (Buddah) ex £5 .Mecca magic 

Dwight Thompson 'man oh man'/' my woman is calling' (Poker ) ex £15 . (Tatty pic sleeve)' Fabulous double sider bargain - used to attract three figure price as unknown .

Jay Lewis ' should I come back' (Capitol) ex £5 flip has wol 

Aretha Franklin 'I wanna make up to you' / 'this is for real' (Arista ) vinyl ex , water stain label £5

Honey Cone 'one monkey don't stop no show's (Hot Wax) ex £5

Timmy Shaw ' I'm a lonely guy's (Wand)ex £5 label wol flip

Ike and Tina Turner 'get it out of your mind's (United Artists) ex £5

The African Beavers 'You got something'/'Night time is the right time' (RCA Victor promo) ex £15 with co.sleeve.

Soul Survivors ' What it takes' (TSOP) m- £5

Johnny Bragg ' The're talking about me' (Elbejay) ex £15. light green label . Matrix no.not correct for original issue.

Johnny Sayles 'my love is a monster (Chi Town) ex £10

Sons of Robin Stone 'got to get you back' (Atlantic) ex+ £5

George Semper Rhythm Commitee 'dont be afraid' (Rama ) with co. sleeve. ex £5

The Satintones 'it's a rough world'/ 'half a man' (Street Corner ) m- £5

Jimmy McKee 'I'll be around' ex £10 great version of The Spinners .

The Temprees 'My baby love' (We Produce) ex £10

New York City Band feat Luther Van Dross ' Got to have your body' (American International promo) ex £10

The Uptones 'Dreamin'  (Lute) vg+ £5

Mikki 'Look before you leap' (Emerald promo) ex+ £10

Dean Barlow 'Little sister ' (7 Arts) m- £10

Rita & The Tiaras 'gone with the wind (is my love)'B/w The Superbs 'on a day when it's raining', The Vel-Vetts ' you never really know 'till its over'.(Joe Boy ep ) pic cover & great sleeve notes. M- £25.

Doc & The Interns 'Baby I know'(Now) vg+ £15 .slight ring wear .

Etta James ' Tighten up your own thing's (Cadet) ex £10

Etta James 'Security ' (Cadet) vg+ £10 label fade

Lee Satin 'I can't fight it' (Broach) vg+ £15

Willie Kendrick  'Fine as wine' (Golden World) ex+ £20

King Diamond 'Message to a black woman' (Power House) pink/orange circles label. M- £25

Otis Leaville 'I'm amazed' (Limelight) vg+ £25

The Manhattans 'Love is breakin' out' (Carnival) ex £10

The invitations 'We don't allow (no sitting down in here) ' (Red Greg) 7" version  m- £10

Bobby & The Premiers 'Gotta to have a reason' (Souled Out) m- £25

Short Kuts 'One way street' (Pepper) ex £10 slight label wear 

Ray Pettis 'Together forever' (Dee Dee)  m- £15

The Herbs 'Putting a hurt on my heart'/'There must be an answer' (Smoke) m- £25

Gene Chandler 'Does she have a friend' (Chi- Sound promo) m- £10 such a great x-over 7ts sound .

Oscar Weathers 'when you see what you want' (Sirloin) ex. red label stamped 'dj copy' £15

Billy Stewart 'secret love ' ex £10 (orange label)

Swamp Dog (Jerry Williams) 'come and get it' (ALA promo) ex+ £10

Leo McCorkle '(I feel like I'm) on the top of the world' (House of Hits) ex £10 blue writing on blue label. Great northern at give a way price !

Lee Austin The Burner 'I'm in love' (People promo) .ex £5 .James Brown prod. Bobby Womack penned !

Millie Jackson 'breakaway' (Spring) ex £5 green/white label

The Chandeliers 'stop dragging my heart around'/'fading day' (Loadstone) ex+ £30 fabulous double sider

Ronnie Sawyer & Oscar Cobb 'take my world' (Delta) ex +£20

Masters of Soul 'sad face' (Ovide) ex+£15

Ruby Winters 'just like a yo yo' (Diamond) vg+ £15

Otis Leavill 'nobody but you' (Smash) ex £25

Felice Taylor 'I can feel your love' (Kent) ex .wear around centre £30

Four Sonics ' where are you' (Triple B) £30. ex+ Fab Detroit Northern. ON HOLD 

The Chaumonts 'when you love someone' (Bay Sound) ex flip 'l need your love ' off centre, hence bargain  £50

Jimmy Jackson 'Footsteps in the shadows ' (Buddah) ex+ £10

Casinos 'if I told you'/' everybody can't be pretty ' (Del- Val) ex £25

Jamie Principle 'date with the rain' (Atlantic) ex+ £5

Mary Holmes 'I need your lovin' (Philly Groove ) ex+ (blue label) £30 in demand bargain .

Fabulous Peps 'I cant get it right'(Premium) ex £15

Millie Jackson 'A house for sale' (Spring) ex+ £30

Freddie Gorman 'The day will come' (Miracle) ex (black pen on black label) £25

The Webs 'tomorrow' (Popside)m-£5

Harold Andrews 'Since I talk to my baby's (HLS) ex+ £15

The Holidays 'watch out girl' (Golden World) ex+£10

Younger Brothers 'I cant forget you' (Roulette dj)ex £10

Benny Johnson 'baby I love you' (Today) ex+£5

Mike & The Censations 'don't mess with me' (Highland) ex £35

Charlie Gracie 'walk with me' (Sock & Soul) ex+£5

The Rosebuds 'say you'll be mine' (Tower) ex £80 . £150 elsewhere !

Melba Moore 'magic touch' (Horaces ) ex £25

Johnny Sayles ' the concentration' (Chi Town)ex £15




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