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Just five (5) nice Dancers for sale !


DEAN JONES - Women (Ska-Da-La-De-Da) on Valiant

No further introduction needed for this huge dance floor bomb !

In demand

Condition: VG+, promo copy, clean labels

Price: £150 

Listen the actual sound clip below:




BOBBY JAMESON - Please Mr Mailman (Brit.)

Underestimated AMAZING R&B Popcorn gem !

Biggie tune, ultra fav for me :

It’s a real great dancefiller which is still under the radar from the massive majority of the DJs & collectors

Top R&B Mod popcorn quality spin; surely it deserves numerous of spins !

Doesn't shows up for sale often at all

Worth to listen it below till the end

Condition: VG+

Price: £75 

Listen the actual sound clip below:




JOANIE LYONS & TOMMY DODSON - Don't Lie To Me (Dodson)

Ultra KILLER R&B Soul rarity !

Seriously RARE and collectable 45 record

Very TOP quality R&B Soul winner

Definitely they are very VERY FEW COPIES around !

Extremely hard to find record

Condition: nice and solid VG- to VG, real great for DJing

Price: £480 

Listen the actual sound clip below:



ALAN BOWN SET - Everything's Gonna Be Alright / Baby Don't Push Me (Pye)

AWESOME Mod Soul dancer !

So groooooovy one with an amazing Sax Break

BIGGIE underestimated dancer according my opinion

Very TOP quality spin for any Mod dancefloor

Great Mod soul dancer on the flip side too !

Condition: VG+(+)

Price: £95 

Listen the actual sound clip below:



LONIE HEWITT - Soul Twister (Wee) 

Totally unknown AWESOME Northern Mod Soul winner !

Seriously hard to find record that very rarely turns up for sale in any condition

So groovy one, TOP quality Northern Mod soul dancer 

Don't sleep on that serious obscurity !

I have seen just only two copies in the last 12 years that got my copy

Condition: VG+, clean labels, 

Price: £265

Listen the actual sound clip below:



PM if you're interested

Thanks for looking !


* FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING via special delivery



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