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Dave Pinch

motown unreleased white labels

2nd lot for sale today are a selection of the motown unreleased white labels done in the 90s with a couple more motown bits tagged on the end i inherited these in a collection i got..great for your jukebox or home use and even maybe to dj if you are brave enough....well they they were good enough in the 90s... paypal as friends please or bank transfer. Post is £3 sign for mail in the UK, £10 sign and tracked overseas


1.    The velvelettes – love is good / come on home (white label) ex £45 SOLD SOLD

2.    Linder griner – envious / goodbye cruel love ( white label) ex slt label wear £45

3.    Brenda Holloway – i`m on the right track / my world (white label) ex 1 scuff on my world  £35 SOLD SOLD

4.    The andantes – thats a funny way ( white label) ex £30 SOLD SOLD

5.    Brenda Holloway – i`m so happy / baby baby don’t waste my time ( blue label 2 cover versions ian Levine job as i recall  ex £30 SOLD SOLD

6.    Kim Weston –after the rain b/w the lollipops look what you`ve done (white label) ex £35

7.    Marvin gaye – lonely lover / so long (white label) ex £25 SOLD SOLD

8.    San remo strings – i have faith in you (inst) b/w Barbara mcnair ( fake tmg 544 label) ex £20 SOLD SOLD

9.    The vandellas – spellbound b/w Barbara mcnair youre gonna love my baby (tamtown w/d) ex £25 SOLD SOLD

10.  Brenda Holloway – reconsider b/w liz lands midnight Johnny (stardust) ex £15 SOLD SOLD

11.  Kim Weston – a thrill a moment / take me in your arms (motown yesteryear) ex £10

12.  Brenda Holloway – give me a little inspiration (1 sided white label) ex £8 SOLD SOLD

Edited by Dave Pinch

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4 minutes ago, Davey S said:


Will take the Andantes if still avail


will send you a message davey

Edited by Dave Pinch

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