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Modern, 70's & Crossover Soul (K)

Modern, 70’s & Crossover Soul (K)


Bobby Hutton   Loving You, Needing You Loving You, Wanting You   ABC   W/D   Mint-    £40.00   SOLD

(Comes with ABC Promotional Release sheet)

Reggie Garner   Half A Cup   ABC   W/D   Mint-   £20.00

Changing Tymes   You Live Only Once   AMG   Mint -   £125.00

Allison   I Got The Place, If You’ve Got The Time   ANSAP   VG++   £20.00

Jeff Perry   Love Don’t Come No Stronger (Than Yours And Mine)   Arista   W/D   Mint-   £30.00   SOLD

Debbie Taylor   Just Don’t Pay/I Don’t Wanna Leave You   Arista   W/D    Mint-   £30.00   SOLD

Bettye Jean Plummer   How Can We Save It/Make It Better   Bell   Mint-   £40.00

Honey And The Bees   Has Somebody Taken My Place   Bell   Mint   £30.00

Kim Tolliver   I Don’t Know What Foot To Dance On   Castro Records   Mint-   £30.00   SOLD

Ben Munro   Broken Home   Daker   Mint-   £25.00   SOLD

Jean Shy   Love Had To Be You/Keep An Eye   Daker   W/D   Mint-   £50.00

Excellent crossover with uptempo dance flipside.

Otis Leavill   It Must Be Love/I Still Love You   Daker   Mint   £25.00   SOLD

(Nice issue copy , demo’s have “It Must Be Love” on both sides)

Otis Leavill   You Bought Out The Good In Me/I’m So Jealous   Daker   W/D   Mint   £30.00

(Two great sides)

Donald Height   A Mean Thing   Daker   W/D   Mint-   £25.00

Compliments   Falling In Love   Daker   W/D   VG++    £15.00

(Nice Detroit sweet soul)

Sandra Richardson   Waiting For The Last Goodbye/Love To Be Your Woman   Dellwood   Mint   £30.00   SOLD

(Has this Lady ever made a bad record, the answer definitely not !)

The Kapp Ivory Project   It’s Over   Det Mi   Mint-   £100.00

( Tough to find Detroit Modern, excellent Vocals)

Four Sonics   If It Wasn’t For My Baby   JMC   Mint-   £50.00   SOLD

The Solars   Here Is My Heart/Nobody Knows But My Baby And Me   King   Mint-   £50.00

(Great crossover)

The Hamilton Movement   Love Man/We’re Gonna Party   Look Out   Mint-   £50.00

(Mid tempo with funk flip)

Marvin Sims   Dream A Dream   Mercury   W/D Mint-   £25.00

(Nice midtempo floater)

Marvin Sims  Love Is No Sin/Love Is No Sin   Mercury   W/D   Mint-   £30.00

(Nice mid tempo with funk flip)

Junei   You Must Go On/Let It Ride   Pharaohs   Mint   £125.00   SOLD

Joey Gilmore   Do It To Me One More Time/Somebody Done Took My Baby And Gone   Phil-L.A Of Soul   W/D   Mint-   £50.00

(Labels the right way around on this label release unlike the local Saadia release).

The Gaslight   Just Because Of You/It’s Just Like Magic   Polydor   Mint-   £75.00

Charles Drain   I’m Gonna Stay   RCA   Demo   Mint   £125.00

(Great version of the Willie Hutch song)

John Brothers   I Just Wanna Be Free/Try To Walk A Mile   RCA   Mint-   £40.00

(Excellent double sider)

Love, Peace & Happiness   Strip Me Naked   RCA   Mint-   £25.00

Bettye Jean Plummer   Baby I Want You Back   Salem   Mint   £15.00

Special Delivery   This Kind Of Love/I’ve Got To Be Free   Shield   Mint-   £75.00   SOLD

Lifeforce   What-Cha Gonna Do About Me   Smokeout    VG++   £30.00   SOLD

Betty Everette   Prophecy/Secrets   Sound Stage 7   Mint   £15.00

Pride   Say What’s On Your Mind/Don’t Let The World Hold You Back   Tabor   Mint   £125.00

(Nice 80’s Modern/Boogie, sold but not picked up from the last list)

Lamont Johnson   Masta Luva   Tabu   W/D   Mint   £15.00

( Nice 80’s Dancer)   SOLD

Rhetta Hughes   You’re Doing With Her When It Should Be Me   Tetragrammaton   Mint   £40.00   SOLD


Postage 1-3 45’s = £3.25 (1st Recorded, UK), overseas at cost.

To reserve PM or e-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk





Edited by Louise

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