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Soultown andy

Soultown Allniter

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Diet coke on sale (they only have the full sugar stuff) and a return of the comedy chair at the table near the Dj stand. But seriously, a great night, always enjoy Soultown :D

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will deal with the coke issue m8,now were is that chair but glad you enjoyed it reg.


Obviously only when other people sat on it LOL. But it was usually me!

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A bit of feed back would be apreciated frm anyone who attended,as regards what you liked are more importantly what you did,nt like and what we could change to improve the nite,cheers.



Got in the main room when Rob Thomas came on and danced all the way through Nige, Mark, Carl, Bob to Andy and Kev double decking at 7am


Being told off by Marcelle for not spending enough time with her!

Improve the nite?

Ban Marcelle.

Joking a side the top para says it all

Top Night


Chris W

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Hope for your sake marcelle does,nt read that m8,glad you enjoyed it

good to see other promoters out and about not to mention quite a few other djs there as well,far better scene when we all support each other

see you both soon.

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Great night couldn't fault it.Music top notch. 5*s

On the other hand Wifey says a bit of heating and the odd light(main room) wouldn't go a miss.(lightweight me thinks)

See you New Years Eve.She'll be the one in the overcoat.

Stamford :D

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