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Reggie Lamont-Archie Bell 1000 wonders + more

Mixed bag of sales,enquiries/reservations via PM

Barbara Lewis "the many grooves of" Ex Enteprise LP £40 Great Album (inc The Stars)

Archie Bell "Tighten up" Ex Atlantic LP £40

inc 1,000 wonders,when you left heartaches began"

The Vontastics "let me down easy" Ex Toddlin' Town £20 Funk Edged dancer

Carol Woods "if I let you" UK Ember £20

Great Mid tempo dancer with Pic Sleeve

Reggie Lamont "can't get along without you" Ex Mamies £75

NB: flip "call on the one who needs you" VG plays through with light background noise

The Sensations "I won't be hurt" Ex Way Out £20

Iconic label-overlooked mid tempo dancer

The Fabulous Emotions "number one fool" Ex Nico £50

Bongo driven dancer

The Visitors "lonely one,only son" Ex Dakar £30

c/w "I'm gonna stay" two great sides

Jett Straker "cause I'm ready" M- Kimberlite £20

Great crossover dancer,now deleted

Carol Woods(i).jpg

Carol Woods.jpg

Reggie Lamont (i).jpg

Reggie Lamont.jpg



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