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Huge saleslist Northern, Modern, R&B, Funk with MP3

Posted (edited)

To order: PM me . Records will be reserved on a strict first come, first served basis.

New postage rates!
No matter how big your order is, 7.- Euro flat unless you want registered postage!

I recomend registration for all orders over 50.- Euro for additional cost of 3.- Euros.

The list is not really sorted, so you find Funk, next to Northern and R&B next to Modern. Prices are in Euro!!!

Grading: Goldmine grading system - M- / VG++/ VG+ / VG / VG- etc.


HOMEGROWN SYNDROME: Confrontation * ARISTA, promo, VG, small edge chip not affecting play, 175.- Euro, on hold

Absolutely stunning Modern Soul from 1981. Some surface marks causing mild crackles. Absolutely ok for DJing!

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/homegrownsyndromecon.mp3


THE BEGINNING OF THE END: Come Down Baby * ATLANTIC, made in Jamaica, VG++, label damage, 150.- Euro

Definitely the rarest format for this monstrous slice of funky island soul from the guys, who gave us "Funky Nassau".

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/beginnigofthecomedown.mp3


STYLUS: We All Need One Another * CRYSTAL CLEAR, made in Australia, M-, 150.- Euro, sold

Solid centre 7", that was only released in Australia. Great modern soul groove, that will most likely be unknown to most of you.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/stylusweallneed.mp3


PEACE AND LOVE: We Got The Power * RAFF, VG-, 150.- Euro

Mexico only Latin Soul with an irresistable groove, some great vocals and a breakdown to die for. Record has numerous light scratches and plays great. A rare and widely unknown record, that got all the ingredients to crossover to soul venues.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/peaceandwegotthe.mp3


DONALD BYRD: Dominoes / Wind Parade * UNITED ARTISTS, made in England, VG++ borderline to M-, 125.- Euro

Two sides Mizell brothers magic on this shiny clean UK promo, that has longer versions on either side then the US Blue Note 45. Two Modern Soul / Jazz Funk classics on it's most desired format -, the really rare UK promotional copy.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/donaldbyrddominoes.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/donaldbyrdwindparade.mp3


FAT JACK: It Must Be Magic * PYRAMID, M-, 125.- Euro

Superb 80's indie Modern Soul dancer, that will also appeal to Boogie collectors.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fatjackitmustbe.mp3


ERNIE JOHNSON: Disco Music Keep On Going On * ROWAN, VG++ to M-, 125.- Euro

Nice clean copy with a kind of mild haze on a small part of the playing surface, that does not sound at all.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/erniejohnsondisco.mp3


CHUCK OVERTON: Is It Possible? * MOONVILLE U.S.A., VG++, 120.- Euro, sold

Crossover sytled Northern dancer out of Saginaw/Michigan. Way rarer first label before Kapp.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/chuckovertonisitpossible.mp3


FOUR INVADERS: Standing In The Doorway / Making Tracks Baby * BRAY, M-, 100.- Euro

Simply fabulous semi know midtempo 60's dancer, that rarely comes to market. Flip it over for an overlooked uptempo stormer.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fourinvadersstanding.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fourinvadersmakingtracks.mp3


MILL EVANS: When I'm Ready * TOU-SEA, promo, M-, 100.- Euro

Brilliant atmospheric Chicago dancer on a New Orleans label in dream like condition.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/millevanswhenim.mp3



Great Cali funky Modern Soul and the cleanest copy you will ever see.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/raycamachodiggin.mp3


STEVEN TOLL: The Freeze / Yes, I Love You * DARIEN, VG++, 100.- Euro

Great 1976 obscurity with a mindboggling funk side backed up by an excellent sweet soul ballad. Not widely known and quality on either side.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/steventollfreeze.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/steventollyesilove.mp3


JERRY AND THE CHAMPIONS: New Girl / You're A Winner * CLAYBOARD, VG+, 75.- Euro

Fantastic and rare San Fran early 80's two sider, plays with some clicks in parts, not too bad, but check the soundfile before buying.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jerryandthenewgirl.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jerryandthechampswinner.mp3


IKE BENNETT: Dolphin Bay * JADO, Made in Canada, VG++, 75.- Euro

Totally obscure canadian mellow groove form 1988 with a catchy bassline and smooth vocals.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ikebennettdolphin.mp3


LEE McDONALD: Gotta Get Home / Show Me * DEBBIE, M-, 75.- Euro

Outstanding Modern Soul stepper from 1979. Top side is on the rare LP by Lee McDonald a s well, but the 7" provides a different compared to the LP-take. Flip it over for a beautiful slow jam.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leemcdonaldgottaget.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leemcdonaldshow.mp3


GETTO KITTY: Stand Up And Be Counted * STROUD, VG+ to VG++, 75.- Euro

1972 funky soul burner, that looks like an ex copy, but has some mild crackles on one of the channels during the intro, hence the low price tag. A perfect DJ copy!

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/gettokittystandup.mp3


TOMMY YOUNGBLOOD: Tremble Walk / Caress Me Now My Love * TYB MUSIC, M-, 75.- Euro

Funky Cali R&B for less then a third of the price of what the only other M- copy on the internet would cost you. The midtempo flipside ain't too shabby either.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tommyyoungbloodtremble.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tommyyoungbloodcaressme.mp3


ARNIE'S LOVE: I'm Out Of Your Life * RADAR, VG to VG+, small edge chip, not affecting play, 60.- Euro

Majestic early 80's Modern Soul with a slick production and superb vocals. Light marks on vinyl, check the soundfile before buying!

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/arniesloveimoutofyour.mp3


ALFIE FRACTION: When They All Put You Down (I'll Still Be Around) / Funky Dancin' * YALL, M-, 60.- Euro

Great indie soul from 1982 with a shuffling Modern Soul side and a funky flip, that should appeal to Boogie collectors.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/alfiefractionwhenthey.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/alfiefractionfunky.mp3


DEBBIE S.: Try My Love * FLAMING ARROW, M-, 50.- Euro

Flawless copy (except the weird label cut off) of this amazing Detroit mellow groover. Super soulful vocals and a dreamy two-step arrangement. Highly recomended!

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/debbiestrymy.mp3


THE WHOLE DARN FAMILY: Half Of Seven Minutes Of Funk / Ain't Nothing But Something To Do * SOUL INTERNATIONAL, M-, 1st press, 50.- Euro

Genuine first press of this funky 70's mover (second press has an Amherst distribution adress on the label). Unfortunately the first presses are styrene and all copies I ever came across plays slightly hissy and so does this copy here. Nothing to bad and the record cleans up nicely after a few seconds. This is of course the great and underrated Tyrone Thomas behind this super clubby funky soul spin.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/wholedarnfamilyhalf.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/wholedarnfamilyaintnothing.mp3


RANDOLPH BROWN & COMPANY: It Ain't Like It Used To Be * IC CHAINS, promo, strong VG+ on Stereo side, VG on Mono flip, 50.- Euro

Memphis Modern Soul gem, that was so very very popular some 20 years ago and by recording the soundfile, I thought how good it would sound played ou today. The stereo side plays almost flawless, while the mono flip has some surface marks, that causes some crackles in parts.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/randolphbrownitaint.mp3


FAUNS BELL: Gift Of Love / Who Did It * WAVE, M-, 50.- Euro

Rare and great sweet soul 45, that lurks heavy into "mellow groove"-territory on the top side. So 2-step fans have a listen. Flipside is a kind of funky free soul dancer and great in it's own right.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/faunsbellgiftoflove.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/faunsbellwhodidit.mp3


LEE "SHOT" WILLIAMS: When You Move You Lose * FEDERAL, promo, M-, 50.- Euro

Cool R&B dancer on a nice and clean promotional copy, that comes with it's original company sleeve.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leeshotwhenyoumove.mp3


BARBARA & THE BROWNS: You Don't Love Me * MGM SOUND OF MEMPHIS, VG++, borderline to M-, 50.- Euro

Stunning take by these Memphis girls of the classic Willie Cobbs R&B mover "You Don't Love Me" produced by the genius Dan Greer.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/barbaraandtheyoudontlove.mp3


RAHNI HARRIS: He's My Friend * EMPRISE, M-, 45.- Euro, on hold

A lengthy intro takes you straight to a breathtaking 70's soul gospel groove with super soulful vocals, that remind me of Donny Hathaway.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/rahniharrishesmyfriend.mp3


I.U. SOUL REVUE: Music Is Just A Party / Seasons Of Love (feat. Corrine Givens) * AFRO-AMERICAN INSTITUTE, VG, 40.- Euro

1977 Indianapolis funky soul and a kickstarter for every party. Flip it over for a nice sweet soul track featuring the vocals of Corrine Givens.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/iusoulrevueparty.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/iusoulrevueseasons.mp3


TOMMY BRYANT: I Wanna Come Home To You Baby * T-NECK, promo, M-, 40.- Euro

Totally underrated Northern Soul dancer on the Isley Brother's owned label. Uptempo, soulful and produced to perfections by the Isleys. I've never seen an issue of this and I doubt, that they exist. Anyway, great uptempo 60's soul for the dancefloor.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tommybryantiwannacome.mp3


DEE DEE WARWICK: Do It With All Your Heart * BLUE ROCK, M-, stamp on lbl, 40.- Euro, sold

Highly recomended!

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/deedeewarwickdoit.mp3


JIMMY ROBBINS: Shine It On / Waitin' On You * 20th CENTURY-FOX, promo, M-, storgae warp, not affecting play, 40.- Euro

Way better then his Jerhart release and way harder to secure as well. Two great 60's uptempo sides for you to consider by a guy, unabale to make a bad record. This copy comes with a noticable warp, that does not affect the perfect play; no extra tracking needed!

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jimmyrobbinsshine.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jimmyrobbinswaitin.mp3


THE MESSENGERS: Don'tcha Quit School / (Darling) This Is How I Feel * NEWGET, strong VG+, 40.- Euro

Joshie Jo Armstead penned uptempo R&B, that rarely comes to market. Flip it over for a doo-woppish sweet soul flip.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/messengersdontchaquit.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/messengersdarlingthis.mp3


BIG MAYBELLE: That's A Pretty Good Love * SAVOY, M-, sticker on both sides of the label, 40.- Euro, sold

Classic R&B dancer by one of the greatest voices of the classic aera.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bigmaybelleprettygood.mp3


JERRY WILLIAMS: Let's Do The Wobble / You Call It Love * V-TONE, M-, sticker on lbl, 40.- Euro, sold

Jerry Williams first record from 1962. Two great R&B sides here, don't sleep!

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jerrywilliamswobble.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jerrywilliamsyoucan.mp3


THE AL "MR: HAMMOND" MOORE QUARTET: A La Natural Soul / Nature Boy * D & W PRODUCTIONS, VG++, 40.- Euro, sold

No discogs entry and nothing on popsike, so I guess this is rather rare? Two great soul jazz hammond grooves back to back for you to consider.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/almoorealanaturalsoul.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/almoorenatureboy.mp3


FREDDIE HUBBARD feat JEANNIE TRACY: You're Gonna Lose Me * FANTASY, M-, 40.- Euro

Mindblowing good jazzy Modern Soul stepper featuring the vocals of Jeannie "Making New Friends" Tracy. Flawless copy here and simply way to good to ignore.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/freddiehubbardyouregonna.mp3


POSITIVE MOTIVATION: Motivating Music / You Brought Me Back * WONDERFUL, VG+, 40.- Euro, sold

Two knockout sides on this great looking 1981 release. Top sides provides a superb funk dancer with a great bassline, flip it over for a great soulful stepper.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/positivemotivationmotiv.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/positivemotivationyoubr.mp3


TONY OWENS: Woman, I Got To Leave You * SANSU, M-, 35.- Euro, sold

Great New Orleans 70's dancer, way underarretd and something, that would sound great in every Modern room.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tonyowenswomanigotto.mp3


WILLIE HARPER: A Certain Girl / I Don't Need You Anymore * TOU-SEA, promo, M-, 35.- Euro

Stone mint promo of this mindblowing New Orleans double header and Nola vinyl after Kathrina in great condition is so hard to find. Topside is written by Naomi Neville and has been recorded by Ernie K-Doe as well, but Willie Haper's cut has the guts. Flip it over for a mighty fine ballad.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/willieharperacertaing.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/willieharperidontneed.mp3


SOUL BROTHERS SIX: I'll Be Loving You / Some Kind Of Wonderful * ATLANTIC, VG++, 35.- Euro

Two superb stripped down soul dancers back to back on this great 1967 Atlantic release. Just drums, base and guitar build a super tight musical background for some fabulous groupsoul singing. No strings attached!

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/soulbrossixillbe.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/soulbrossixsomeekindof.mp3


WILLIE WRIGHT & HIS SPARKLES: Got A Feelin' / What Will I Say * FEDERAL, VG++, 35.- Euro

Classy R&B with a mighty fine deep side with lead vocals by Jesse Anderson. I'm pretty sure, that this Willie Wright has nothing to do with the "Right On For The Darkness"-guy, but who knows? The songwriter, Jesse Anderson is definitely the Chicago fella, who recorded some great tunes for Chess and Thomas.  Anyway, two great sides for you to consider.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/williewrightgotafeeling.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/williewrightwhatwillisay.mp3


NOLAN STRONG: Ali Coochie * FORTUNE, M-, 35.- Euro

Nice and clean novelty Detroit R&B dancer.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/nolanstrongalicoochie.mp3


RICK LANCELOT: Sick Chick / Ain't That Soul * PEPPERMINT STICK, VG+, wol label flipisde, 30.- Euro

Rare 60's soul two-sider and this is Rick Lancelot's only independent release. He had a handful 45s on RCA and one on 2oth Century, this here seems to be rather rare and it's a good dancer as well.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ricklancelotsickchick.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ricklancelotaintthat.mp3


GEORGE McCANNON, III: Seven Million People * FUN' 45, VG++, mild label damage, 30.- Euro

A forgotten Northern Soul oldie, that had quite some following back in the days and it sounds freash as a daisy today. A record, that you don't see everyday.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/georgemccannonsevenmillion.mp3


QUINCY JONES & HIS ORCHESTRA: Soul Bossa Nova * MERCURY; VG++, 30.- Euro

A jazz dance classic, sampled by Gang Starr and one of the finest records the genius Quincy Jones ever recorded.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/quincyjonessoulboss.mp3


UNCLE REMUS: Number One * SANSU, M-, 30.- Euro

Nice New Orleans soulful funky boogie dancer in beautiful shape.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/uncleremusnumberone.mp3


LACY REED: It's Just A "Crush" / Should WeTry Again * TJ, VG-, 30.- Euro, sold

Wonderful lo-fi soul stepper from 1988, two great and unique sides! Record has several light marks and plays with mild clicks, check the soundfile before placing an order.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lacyreedcrush.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lacyreedshouldwetry.mp3


DIAMOND JOE: The ABC Song / Look Way Back * DEESU, promo, M-, 30.- Euro

Excellent, hard hitting Nola funky soul produced by Allen Touissant and Marshall Sehorn.

soundfile 1: http://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/diamondjoetheabc.mp3

soundfile 2: http://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/diamondjoelookway.mp3


SAM "IRONING BOARD" MOORE: I Laugh / This Is A New Day * SANSU, M-, 30.- Euro

Keyboarder and singer 'Ironing Board Sam' was a traveling musician, who got his nickname from a gig, where no keyboard rack was available and he used an ironing board for replacement. In the mid seventies he stranded in New Orleans and recorded for Allen Toussaint some remarkable 45s. This offering has two great super soulful 70's soul sides.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/sammooreilaugh.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/sammoorethisisa.mp3


LOUISE BROWN: Son-In-Law * WITCH, M-, slight label flaking, 30.- Euro

Hard as nails female Chicago R&B dancer in beautiful condition.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/louisebrownsoninlaw.mp3


ATG: Dancin' Lady * SANSU, mild storage warp, nap, M-, 30.- Euro

Excellent early 80's dancer from the vaults of New Orleans Sansu label

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/atgdancinlady.mp3


THE HOT AND COLD GENERATION: Hot And Cold * SAGE, VG to VG+, 30.- Euro

Great funky soul jazz instrumental out of the motor city.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/hotandcoldhotand.mp3


LENNY O'HENRY: Mr. Moonlight * SMASH, promo, strong VG, 30.- Euro

Great popcorn soul from the "Across The Street"-guy. Record has a visual surface mark, but plays VG+ or better!

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lennyohenrymrmoonlight.mp3


EMIL O'CONNOR: Some Of Your Lovin' * COLUMBIA, promo, VG, 30.- Euro

Sermi know 60's soul mover with a lot milleage in the grooves. Record has light surface marks, but plays like a champ!

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/emiloconnorsommeof.mp3


THE AMBASSADORS: Can't Take My Eyes Of You * ARCTIC, single sided promo, VG++, 25.- Euro

Philly sweet soul masterpiece on a single sided promotional copy.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ambassadorscanttakemy.mp3


DIAMOND JOE: Hurry Back To Me / Don't Set Me Back * SANSU, M-, 25.- Euro

One of the finest vocalists coming from the crescent city going by the name of Diamond Joe. The guy is a mystery and little is known except his legacy of seven great 45s with this two Allen Touissant productions are no exception. One side superb uptempo and the flipside has an amazing stop-and-go-arrangement with belting vocals by the man.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/diamondjoehurryback.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/diamondjoedontsetme.mp3


AARON NEVILLE: All These Things / She's On My Mind * BELL, promo, M-, 25.- Euro

Nola magic on both sides by the big guy Aaaron Neville, blessed with a voice beyond compare. No, this is not for the dancefloor or something to impress your friends with; it's just mindblowing good soulmusic.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/aaronnevilleallthese.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/aaronnevilleshesonmymind.mp3


TONY OWENS: (When You're Wrong) You Got To Pay The Price * LISTENING POST, M-, 25.- Euro

Nice clean copy of this indemand New Orleans crossover dancer from 1973.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tonyowenspaytheprice.mp3


THE KNIGHT BROS.: That'll Get It * CHESS, made in the UK, M-, 25.- Euro

Rarish UK issue of this awesome 60's dancer in immaculate condition.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/knightbrosthatllget.mp3


SUGARPIE DE SANTO: Do The Whoopie / Get To Steppin' * BRUNSWICK, Made in Canada, VG+, 25.- Euro

Canadian Brunswick copy of this dancefloor bomb with anequally good flipside.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/sugarpiewhoopie.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/sugarpiegetsteppin.mp3


ERNIE SHELBY: Punish Me / Bend Over Backwards * POLYDOR, M-, mild storage warp, 25.- Euro

Two stunning southern soul sides back to back.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ernieshelbypunishme.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ernieshelbybendover.mp3


DENNIS LANDRY: Sing My Song * SOUL UNLIMITED, VG+, mild water damage on label, 25.- Euro, sold

Action packed Louisiana funky 70's soul winner with an instant catchy beat and mindblowing soulful vocals. Really an overlooked goodie, that sound brilliant next to all the popular sounds these days.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dennislandryysingmy.mp3


IAMAI: Go Johnny * LEGRAND, M-, 25.- Euro, on hold

Great uptempo east coast Modern Soul, that once was a really expensive record. A few copies popped up and the price is down, but for how long?

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/iamaigojohnny.mp3


SOULFUL JEB STUART: (Gonna Keep On Dancin') Cause I Got Soul / You're Mine * GREAT AMERICAN, M-, 25.- Euro

Two great uptempo Florida soul sides by Jeb Stuart, a Memphgis born veteran of the R&B scene, who relocated to Florida in the late 60's and fromed his own label "Great American".

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/soulfuljebcauseigotsoul.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/soulfuljebyouremine.mp3


ERNIE K.DOE: Stoop Down * SANSU, M-, 25.- Euro, on hold

Funky 70's soul by New Orleans legend Ernie K.Doe.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/erniekdoestoopdown.mp3


TOMMY RIDGLEY: Sometimes You Get It * SANSU, M-, 20.- Euro

1976 soul mover form New Orleans in perfect condition.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tommyridgleysometimes.mp3


GENE CHANDLER: After The Laughter * CHECKER, M-, 20.- Euro, sold

1967 chicago dancer


BOBBY PATTERSON: Busy, Busy Bee * JETSTAR, promo, yellow wax, M-, 20.- Euro

Yellow vinyl promo of this southern uptempo dancer.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbypattersonbusybusy.mp3

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/genechandlerafterthe.mp3


THE SWANS: You Better Be A Good Girl Now * SWAN, sticker on lbl, VG++, 20.- Euro

Nice Philly 60's uptempo soul dancer with some involvement by Kenny Gamble.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/swansyoubetter.mp3


GEORGE PORTER'S JOYRIDE: Cissy Strut / Sneaky Freaky * DEESU, M-, 20.- Euro

New Orleans funk double sider by Meter's base player George Porter Jr.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/georgeportercis.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/georgeporterfre.mp3


LEON HAYWOOD: It's Got To Be Mellow * DECCA; VG++, 15.- Euro

Midtempo crossover styled late 60's soul from the top shelf.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leonhaywwooditsgottobe.mp3


SAM COOKE: Sugar Dumpling * RCA VICTOR, Vinyl: VG++ / Sleeve: M-, 15.- Euro

Nice looking US picture sleeve issue of this great popcorn Northern Soul dancer by arguably one of the greatest voices in soulmusic's history.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/samcookesugardump.mp3


HERBIE MANN: Philly Dog * ATLANTIC, M-, small sticker on lbl, 15.- Euro

Uptempo feel good soul jazz instrumental, that never fails to get the dancers up.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/herbiemannphilllydog.mp3


BRENDA AND THE TABULATIONS: Hey Boy * DIONN, VG++, sticker on lbl flipside, 15.- Euro

Nice clean copy of this 1967 Philly dancer.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/brendaandtheheyboy.mp3


GLORIA PARKER: Hello Baby - Goodbye, Too * LLP, VG, 15.- Euro

Great playing VG copy of this uptempo Northern Soul stormer.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/gloriaparkerhelllo.mp3


THE DYNAMICS: We're Gonna Be Together / Show The World (We Can Do It) * BLACK GOLD, M-, 15.- Euro, sold

Great and affordable sweet soul two-sider with one of the finest label designs of the 70's.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dynamicsweregonnabe.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dynamicsshowtheworld.mp3


OTIS CLAY: Got To Find A Way / A Lasting Love * PRESIDENT, Made in the UK, M-, 15.- Euro

Two great sides by arguably one of the greatest soulsinger of all time on an extra clean UK President copy with intact centre.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/otisclaygottofind.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/otisclayalasting.mp3


THE SUPERLATIVES: Lonely In A Crowd / I Don't Know How * WESTBOUND, VG+, 12.- Euro, sold

Great Detroit double header, so very very soulful and one of the best cheapos around.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/superlativeslonelyinn.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/superlativesidontknoww.mp3


THE DEMOTRONS: I Don't Want To Play No More / I Want A Home In The Country * ATLANTIC, M-, 12.- Euro

Extra clean white red promo of this excellent 60's soul double header.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/demotronsidontwantto.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/demotronsiwantahome.mp3


OSCAR BOYD: When Things Get A Little Better / Little Sweet Things You Do * HERMES; M-, 12.- Euro

Hard hitting 1962 R&B dancer with a quality soul flipside.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/oscarboydwhenthings.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/oscarboydlittlesweet.mp3


THE SPINNERS: I'll Be Around * ATLANTIC, VG, wol, 10.- Euro, sold

One feelable small scratch on the "I'll Be Around" side, that does not sound, otherwise nice and clean copy of this truly majestic slice of 70's soul. Check the soundbyte....

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/spinnersillbearoun.mp3


THE NILSMEN: The Sand Step / Le Winston * RJR, Vinyl: M- / Sleeve: VG+, 10.- Euro, on hold

A late 60's Camel-advertising 45 with two super funky organ driven instrumentals.

soundfile 1: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/nilsmensandsttep.mp3

soundfile 2: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/nilsmenleewinston.mp3


ARETHA FRANKLIN: Rocksteady * ATLANTIC, M-, sticker on lbl, 10.- Euro, on hold

Aretha's funkiest and best dance record from 1971.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/aretharockste.mp3


THE MONITORS: Bring Back The Love * V.I.P., M-, drill hole in lbl, 10.- Euro, on hold

Great and underrated Motwon 60's dancer. Super clean copy in it's original company sleeve.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/monitorsbringback.mp3


IDALIA BOYD: Some Kind Of Wonderful * DIMENSION, VG, 10.- Euro

Nice Gerry Goffin produced midtempo 60's Soul.

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/idaliaboydsomekind.mp3


BETTY WRIGHT: Clean Up Woman * ALSTON, M-, sticker on lbl, 10.- Euro

Nice clean copy of this funky slice of Miami soul by arguably one of the greatest female soul artist of all time, who recently passed away. R.I.P. Betty and thank you for the music!

soundfile: https://hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bettywrightceanup.mp3

















jimmyrobbinsshineiton 1.jpeg





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