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Chris Anderton

Andrea Henry-Perk Lee-Jimmy Conwell-Incredibles + More!

136 Rare soul 45s Added To The Website Today!

Rance Allen-I Know A Man Who

Anthony and Imperials-It's Not The Same

Johnny Moore-Lonely Heart In The City

M'Taboo-Losing Your Love

King Diamond-Black Woman

James Carr-That's What I Want To Know

Tommy Turner-I'll Be Gone

Perk Lee-The Docks

Andrea Henry-I Need You Like A Baby

Unlimited Four-True Love Is Hard To Find

Billy Preston-The Girl's Got It

Fantastics-High Note

Superbs-In And Out Of Love

Incredibles-There's Nothing Else To say

Emotions-Do This For Me

Lorraine Rudolph-Keep Coming Back For More

Sam Dees-Fragile, Handle With Care

Hesitations-Wait A Minute

Olympics-The Same Old Thing

Jimmy Conwell-To Much

Don Hart-James Shorter-I Shed A Tear

Chandlers-Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer

Plus Lots More!


Click HERE To See The Records!

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