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Need Wigan casino regulars and staff for a project


I'm Marc Constantí from Barcelona. I'm working on a project about Wigan Casino and I'd like to get in touch with staff (people who worked there) or regulars. I will only need them to answer a question. 

If anyone is interested, please drop me an email to buffetlibre@gmail.com 

Also, if someone have a name in mind, please tell me. 

Thanks :)


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Hi Marc. Not too many ex-employees around nowadays. You could try to contact Russ or Richard - both are extremely obliging. There are a number of other DJ’s you could contact eg Kev, Pat, Dave and a couple of others.

If you have one question, maybe put it on here - there are plenty of ex-Wiganers who might offer what you want. If your request is about music, dancing etc you should find a few takers. There is a ton of info already on Soul Source that you could find useful. 

Good luck with your project.

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