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Edwin Starr "Time" & Charles Brucato

Hi All

If this has been answered elsewhere I'd be grateful for a pointer to it but I've searched the site and couldn't find anything.

I don't think there's any doubt that "Time" was written by Edwin Starr and Richard Wylie. TMG 725 credits just Edwin Starr while seemingly all other UK and US issues credit Starr-Wylie.

But there are issues of TMG 725 (Green & White demo's and solid centres) that credit Charles Brucato as the writer (see images attached). So who was Charles Brucato and how did he get credit in the UK for writing "Time" ? 


TMG 725 CB.jpeg

TMG 725 ES.jpeg

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Charles 'Chuck' Brucato was the leader & song writer for Motown (Rare Earth) group RUSTIX. He has 29 different songs credited to him @ BMI. The group had 2 x LP + 5 x 45's released but they never enjoyed a UK release of any kind. "TIME" isn't a song that's credited it him by BMI but as his group had no UK releases, I can't think that someone at EMI UK would have used his name on the UK 45 promo by mistake as they had his name in mind from a different song / record.   




The Rustix



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Roburt ,you beat me to the Punch ! But also "Time" Tmg issued in the Republic Of Ireland ,Charles Brucato ,gets full writer credits,Perhaps a mixup over Charles Hatcher ? The later Uk reissue of "Time " tmg 1028 corrects the error and Starr/Wylie get the credit!

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Thanx both

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