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So recently I have been inundated with notifications to every reply to every post/comment I've made ... seems I am automatically listed as "Following" said posts despite not having ticked the "Follow" box on any of them. 

I assume it's a glitch at the site end following some recent "upgrade" ... ?



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Please don't delete this ...

I thought I'd inadvertantly changed settings at my end and proceeded to switch off the notifications in the box provided .

But lo and behold five minutes later I'm back "Following" stuff automatically ..... please mae it stop .... :(

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the settings are here Steve


you may still be getting notifications from stuff already selected to follow be it members or topics

if you go down the list to the bottom you can switch the various options off?

give it a go, if no joy pm me and can have a deeper look at your settings


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Thanks Mike ,

Just found that box a minute ago and reset my preferences to as they were , not sure why various things were switched on but hey-ho that's upgrades for you ... lol

Regards ,


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