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Taking OFFERS on this one! If it meets my expectations, i will sell.

Paypal Familiy&Friends or Fees, Reg. Shipping is included. Questions? Feel free to ask...

Almost every copy here is on Youtube... heavyweightfunk45s


1984 There Is A Twinkle In Your Time ROUND VG+ 

6 Degree South Loving You Is Too Far Out 6 DEGREE SOUTH EX 


Allison and Calvin & The Soundmasters Stinky Franky CALCOMO EX 

Andrew Brown You Made Me Suffer BRAVE VG plays nice 

Apollos Show Band Peace Still Is With Us - EX SOLD

Billy Reed Let Your Hair Down Baby MEN-DEL EX

Black Lites Pterodactyl/BL Movement SALT CITY EX 

Black Sunshine The Electric Skunk KYLES VG+ SOLD

Carleen & The Groovers Can We Rap/Hot Pants CJB VG+ (a few scratches at the beginning of CWR which causes a few clicks the first rounds)  

Charles Simmons Save The World HITSOUND EX

Communicators & Black Experience Band The Road TRI OAK EX

Corvettes I Want To Know Do You Love Me - EX 

Earl Carter & The Fantastic 6 Shake Yopur Poo Poo PRINCESS EX

Exciters Express Yourself LOYOLA EX

Fabulous Souls Take Me FABULOUS SOUL, Green EX

Fun Company Zambezi FUNCO EX 

Great Deltas Tra La La ENGLEWOOD EX

Herman Hitson Ain't No Other Way SWEET ROSE EX

Honey & The Bees Love Addict ARCTIC EX SOLD

Hunter & His Games How you Get Higher STACEY EX 

J. Young with The Fab. Dobbs The Mess NA JMA EX

Jimmy James Thomas I Can't Dance CINN SOUND EX 

La-Mars Rockstead/Col Is Back BECKMAN EX 

Leon Mitchison Street Scene MITCHITONE EX

Leroy & The Fabulous Rocking Soul Band Just Jiving Around MR G EX 600 €

Little Jimmy Edward Slapping Some Soul Upon Me KEY-LOC EX

Masters Party Time MASTERS EX

Michael Liggins & The Super Souls Loaded To The Grills MIGHTY EX

Mighty Steps Of Thythm Funky Variation ROYAL VG to VG+ plays very nice

Morgan Gettin' Into Business OUTSIDER FRANCE EX with Picture Cover

Nadine Brown Leave Me Alone SOUND PERFECTION EX

Nola & The Soul Rockers Reach Down And Get It GOLDLEAF EX

Peacemakers Don't Push Your Luck STAR EX 

Pearly Queen Whit Jive' In SOUND TRIANGLE EX 

Prince Of Soul Funky Loving GENTS EX

Ray & His Court Cookie Crumbs SOUND TRIANGLE EX

Russell Gordon & The Versatile Souls Double Booty Bump JAY-CEE EX 

Rusty & The Upsetters Ball Of Confusion PARADISE VG+ to EX

Shades Of Black Mystery Of Black JULMAR EX

Sheppard Brothers Night Flight WORLD WIDE EX 

Shirlean Williams & The Tempos Band This Is A Song ELVITRUE EX

Smokin Shades Of Black Grease Wheels STEM EX

Soul Dynamics Stay In The Groove WAND VG+ PROMO!!! 

Soul Excitement Stay Together PINK DOLPHIN EX 

Soul Explosives Ain't No Sunshine/Trying To Get Down BORMEH EX 

Soul Fantastics Funky Puggin DISCOS SONO RADIO EX 

Soul Motivation Hard Times SOUL TWON VG+ to EX 

Soul Patrol Don't Knock The Cop/Peter Pan ZUMA EX 1


The PCs LTD Fast Man FRAN EX RL 

The Soul Lovers Gonna have Fun Tonight PACEMAKER VG+ to EX

Tickled Pink Reach Out KNIP EX HOLD

Wayne Carter Mad Mouth Woman/Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo MOOTREY'S STUDIO EX 

Wayne Carter Peter In Or Out MOOTREY'S STUDIO EX 

Winston Flook Richards Eatin' Corn STAR CROWN VG to VG+ Plays very nice 

Zebra Simple Song ZEBRA EX 

Edited by Badsamba
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