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Articles: Northern Soul Connections #23 - Soulsations and then some

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Ken B's latest northern soul connection, #23. Soul Exotics, Emporers, Twila and the Twighlights, The Soulsations, and (no The) Soulsations.

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Pretty sure the town of Niles that is cited in the article is the one located in Michigan, not Illinois.

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without checking...i'm pretty sure you are correct. and it would make sense. my geography wondered!

Many thanks for the correction.


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Posted (edited)

William Coney Jr. filed two copyrights for Darlin', the first self-copyrighted July 17 1967, the second published through Anteresgeo Music Co. on Augist 11 1967.  Anteresgeo also copyrighted Ba-by, Oh Darlin' aka Baby, Oh Darlin' in October & November 1967 written by Bobby Fulton (William J. Fulton).  Anteresgeo published both sides of Terri 5001 by Soul Exotics, and some songs by John Ellison including Some Kind Of Wonderful by Soul Brothers Six on Atlantic 2406.  Anteresgeo may have been based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The publisher Hi-Mar seems to be associated with the label Hi Mar.

One song published by Hi-Mar was by Peter And The Wolfs on the label Bridge Society 308, produced by John Ulrich.  My Heart Is True was co-written by Peter Alexiev & Eddie Hinton ... a curious connection!

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a bit more...

Cash Box & Copyright Catalog

Hi-Mar was Harold E. Kern's (a.k.a Hi Evans). He was The Lancers manager. Hi-Mar was at Manheim P.A. ( around 1963), and Muncy P.A. (around 1968)

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