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Hi groovers. 

I just got 'Just like a little bitty Baby' on Laurie by The Opals. 1965

Has anyone got any info on this group. I just seem to reach dead ends in my searches. Thanks

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I don't think you'll have too much luck with this one. Not sure what Laurie was thinking releasing a record by the Opals when there was another female group on Okeh already using the same name.

    The single reached hitbound or pick hit status on a few stations and then fell off the charts. I have a feeling Laurie pulled the record off the market.

    There is a cover version by Scarlet on French Polydor- 





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I always heard they were a New York/Northern New Jersey Metro group.  They were definitely not The Chicago group who recorded for Beltone and Okeh.  There was also a male Opals group during the early 1950s, who recorded for Apollo Records, and a couple other New York labels.

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