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Presidential debate

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Couldn’t let this day go by without asking if anyone else caught any of yesterday’s fiasco of a debate. 

If that was supposed to show America and the rest of the world , their two potential leaders answering informative questions and debating world issues, it failed catastrophically .

It was a car wreck from the word go. It was like John McEnroe playing verbal tennis with Stan Smith .. “ you can not be serious “ ... what the he’ll are we in for in the coming months ahead . 

I’m just so glad that I’m not long off retirement , and live in the UK, because I’m not sure what kind of America we will see in a few years time. 

The divides everywhere are getting larger and larger. Politically , socially , financially and economically .. it’s not a world full of hope that I see .

Or maybe this is a good post for Mikes new “ topic to avoid :) 





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Seems to me you have one who can't shut up and another who can't remember what he wants to say.


Watched about 5 minutes as I could not stomach trump he just talks over and doesn’t try to allow any debate as he knows absolutely nothing he is just a thick bully 

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Next Time These Two Go Head To Head Maybe They Should Take The Game-Show Approach 

Each of Them In A Sound Proof Booth (or) Separate Rooms and When Each One Has Their Allotted Time To Speak They Can Do So Without The Constant Interruptions By Trump, When One Speaks the Other Ones Microphone Is Muted And Vice-Versa, After All We All Want To Hear What They Have To Say, No Wonder Trump was Told to SHUT UP 

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