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This has me in bits every time I hear it. please listen to the words. I was made homeless one Christmas and under threat of arrest if I tried to see my 7 year old son on Christmas day . Life was

X-Mas Classic  !  

Great XMas track from Stevie -   


I'm flabbergasted that 2 of my favourite Detroit Soul Christmas songs "Spending Christmas Day With You" by The Nibbs, and "The Joy of Christmas" by Freddie Pride aren't available on You-Tube!  😧

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On 18/12/2020 at 13:20, Mike said:

On this odd mad Friday, I'd say a xmas related soul playlist topic may be both a good and a distracting thing...

How about it?

To try and keep things  enjoyable (and workable)  ask all members to stick to say one track per post per member and gap your posts as in no flooding and all that

If we can keep it to soul and xmas related tracks as well...


To get things going

a recent add to our video feature


over to the floor....

Just like to draw members attention to the bolded bit above 👍

Thanks and Happy Christmas all 

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