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Attention K-Mart shoppers!! The spring collection has arrived!

No albums this time but the 45 sections are strong with both rare and more common discs. And we have a few nice 12 inchers rounding the list off.

PM to order, happy browsing!

BR, Karl


Modern Soul & Two Step 45’s


Philly Cream – So much to talk about – Wmot / EX / £450 (Killer modern soul dancer that was later covered by New Love Ltd. Very rare b-side issue only, seen many more copies Thompson Brothers. Last copy I had sold within minutes.)



Kimrah Ladies Band - Thinking of you / Street walkin - WindEarth / EX / £350 (Superb SF double header, modern dancer b/w boogie funk.)




Pat Stallworth - Questions - Fly-By-Nite / VG+ / £250 (Rare original of this stunning modern tune. Record has a few light marks, plays ok.)



J.S. - Let’s just fall in love - Sky Bow / VG+ / £200 (Sublime late 80’s ballad with a charming and prominent private label feel. Dead rare and with a small cult following among collectors of the genre. Record has a few light sleeve marks, due to the crammed pressing there’s a little noise in the first part of the song. Please refer to soundfile taken from the copy for sale. Last eBay copy sold for $372)



Billy Harner - I never knew about love - Midland International / EX / £125 (Under the radar and amazing feel good modern dancer. Penned by McFadden & Whitehead and produced by John Davis. Very rare issue only 45, to file with Touch of Class “You mean everything” and the Medlows 45 on the same label.)



Tito Puente & India - To be in love / Marva Whitney - Unwind yourself remix - Verve/Messin’ Around / EX / £125 (Sought after modern dancer from 2000. Promo only release limited to 200 copies.)




Jeannie Reynolds – The fruit song – Casablanca / EX / £60 (Don Davis production and a hell of a stepper which still sounds as fresh as the fruit Jeannie likes. Rare on 45!)


 (45 is a 4:14 edited version)


Stephanie B. - Go for it, baby - Rutledge Corporate / EX / £50 (Rare Ft. Lauderdale mid 1980s modern soul. Writing on label, says “Music directors copy”)



Brenton Wood – Better believe it – Warner Bros / EX / £50 (super clean vinyl promo copy of this fantastic midtempo dancer.)



Mighty Passions - Through the eyes of the world - Bridge Bay Area / EX / £35 (Mighty fine 2 step. Label has faint mark from a removed sticker, apart from that in top notch nick.)



Smoked Sugar – (Loving you) Coming out of a brand new bag / My eyes search a lonely room – 20th Century / EX / £25 (Superb modern dancer only found on the rare issue copies. Flip is a nice slowie. Label has a Chicago Disco-Tech rubber stamp.)




R.B. Hudmon – I could paint a picture – R&B / EX / £20 (Firm 1986 modern soul that was compiled by Goldmine.)



Patience – This is all I can say – Sounds on Solid Grounds / VG+ / £20 (Amazing mellow groove/2 step styled ballad. Record looks clean but there’s some very light swoosh sounds in the intro. Small logo box, mint green label variation.)



Blue Notes – Standing by you girl – Glades / EX / £15 (Excellent feel good modern soul.)



Mike James Kirkland - Love scenario - Cannonball / EX/EX / £15 (2020 EP with four takes. With insert and pic sleeve.)



Mike James Kirkland - Stay don’t go - Timmion / EX / £10 (Nice midtempo from his 2020 return.)



Dianne Steinberg - One more time - Atlantic / EX / £10 (Superb Philly soul slowie. Label has a spot and a little wear.)



Northern Soul, Crossover, Funky & Gospel 45’s


Sherri Taylor - He’s the one that rings my bell - Gloreco / EX / £400 (Popular allnighter sound, atmospheric NS dancer with more than a touch of R&B.)



Anthony Fontaine - How can I lose - Souled Out / EX / £350 (Super soulful midtempo xover dancer. Rare Texas release, and has the superb horn section to go with that sound.)



Kindly Shepherds - Lend me your hand - Checker / EX / £325 (Clean demo copy of this rare and indemand gospel soul dancer.)



Joe Valentine - I lost the only love I had - Val / EX / £200 (Clean original of this iconic, floorfilling xover classic.)



Chosen Few - Birth of a playboy / Taking all the love I can - Maple / EX / £175 (White demo of this floorfilling classic, flip is another good dancefloor tune.)




Jacqueline Jones - You make my life a sunny day - Loadstone / EX / £125 (Superb midtempo xover.)



Supurbs - Only for lovers / You don’t care - Alteen / EX / £90 (Superb Chicago double header, one dance side one group harmony ballad side. Silver label variation.)




Joe Bataan - Uptown - Fania / EX / £80 (Superb latin soul dancer. Very hard to find in this clean condition!)



Lee “Shot” Williams - Checking out / Baby, baby - Jewel / EX / £70 (Promo copy of this xover soul double header. One dancer side, one ballad side and both equally good..)




Bobby Williams - Baby I need your love - Sure-Shot / EX / £50 (Classic midtempo dancer. Demo copy with writing on one side - three circled crosses in biro) 



Faithful Wonders - ‘Ol John - Checker / EX / £50 (Funky gospel dancer with banging drums.)



La Vern – It won’t work out baby – Mayhew / EX / £40 (Superb crossover, just love the chorus.)



Dynamic Tints – Package of love – Twinight / EX / £35 (Chicago soul classic! BB hole though label.)



Johnny & the Expressions - Boys and girls together / same - Josie / EX / £35 (White demo copy of this dancefloor energy pill. Superb Esquires styled dancer with fantastic falsetto lead and group harmonies.) 



Kurrt Watkins & Soul Sister 7 - Blues for all - [no label] / EX/EX / £35 (Obscure 1969 Thailand release, a jazzy soul instrumental. Nice clean copy complete with pic sleeve.)



Jodi Mathis – Don’t you care anymore / Mama – Capitol / EX / £30 (Usa copy of this bonafined NS classic, don’t miss out on the sublime flipside.)



Big Maybelle - Oh lord, what are you doing to me - Scepter / VG- / £25 (Classic big voiced beat ballad. Record has lots of light marks, plays with light background noise most prominent in the first part of the song. Still enjoyable! Label has ring wear.)



Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles – I’m still waiting – Atlantic / EX / £25 (White/red demo, beautiful version of the Impressions song.)



Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles – Trustin’ in you – Atlantic / EX / £12 (Awesome crossover soul take on the Curtis Mayfield tune.)



Lonnie Smith - Move your hand - Blue Note / VG+ / £18 (Killer! Classic soul jazz. Blue/white east coast press.)



Ballad/Deep/Sweet/Group Harmony 45’s


Transfer – Get a transfer / Nothing – Greenback / EX / £375 (Super fine sweet backed with disco funk on a rare and indemand 45.)




Lee Washington - Little girl - Fish / EX / £250 (Superb Don Julian penned lowrider type of slowie.)



International Five - So in love with you - Starway / EX / £140 (Superb group soul ballad, b/ funky soul. )




Diobolics - I bet you never knew that I followed you - Togetherness / EX / £90 (Superb ballad  with a classic sweet soul sound. Black label copy.)



Phil Terrell – I’ll erase you / I’m just a young boy – Carnival / EX / £100 (Killer lowrider type of sound backed by a charming midtempo NS dancer.)




Raw Spitt - Songs to sing - UA / EX / £50 (Aka  Swamp Dogg aka Jerry Williams. Promo copy, classy deep soul.)



Sequins – The third degree – Fantasy / EX / £45 (Simply amazing lowrider type of slowie.)



Reginald - Stop to think it over / Grooving - Out-Let / EX / £35 (Classic sweet soul! Second release of the God’s Gift to Woman.)




Variations – A shot of love – Pow! / EX / £30 (Nice copy of this lovely group soul midtempo sound. First label before Amy.)



Invitations - I didn’t know / Living together is keeping us apart - Silver Blue / EX / £20 (Great Philly soul double header from Lew Kirton and his group. Ballad backed with dramatic midtempo.)




Ethics - Tell me / There’ll still be a sweet tomorrow - Vent / EX / £20 (Superb Philly soul, ballad b/w midtempo.)




Spidells - That’ll make my heart break - Monza / EX / £20 (Sublime Impressions styled sweet soul ballad.)



Thee Sacred Souls - Will I see you again? - Penrose / EX / £20 (2021 sweet with funky drums release. First press with tear closer to the rose leaf.)



Vee Allen - Cheating is a no no - Lion / EX / £6 (Nice clean vinyl copy of this sublime ballad.)



Soul & Disco 12’s


Sai Whatt?? – She’s my woman – Stache / EX/VG / £80 (Red label copy of this superb slice of LA modern soul. Company sleeve has light general wear, both “Put your weight on it” label side + cover has “10” written on it with a black felt pen.)



Bill Withers – Something that turns you on – Columbia / VG / £40 (Perfect 2 step, on the rarest format here. Promo copy, generic black sleeve with gold promo stamp. Strong VG which plays ok, just some slight crackles in places. )



Tolbert - I’ve got it - Jazzman / EX / £30 (With previously unissued 12 inch version, as well as the original 7 inch version.)



J’s - When did you stop - Dante / EX / £20 (Superb 1977 Philly soul, one of few of these sounds released on indie labels outside the PIR/TSOP imperium.)



Side Effect - Georgy Porgy - Elektra / VG+ / £12 (White demo, superb version of the Toto classic.)



Beverly Crosby - You can be my lover - Bareback / EX/EX / £6 (Powerful 6:22 take on this classic disco/modern dancer. Both label and company sleeve has date written with biro.)



L.A.X. - All my love - Prelude / EX/VG+ / £6 (Classic soulful disco. Company sleeve has a couple of tears from removed stickers.)



Georgie Coles - Do you believe in fate - Provo / EX / £6 (Killer two step! 1990 re-make of the Sandra Feva/Sir John Roberts tune.)



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