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Anyone selling or buying on Amazon read this

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Hi all,

I sell my spare Soul CDs on Amazon (and for those they cannot list Discogs).  From later in April all items sold must have tracking, which isn't worth adding for cheap CDs.  The amount of postage cost already doesn't fully cover CD sales.  There will likely be an exodus of third party sellers of CDs and inexpensive items from Amazon that do not merit postal tracking for a first class sent CD that arrives next day.  It just won't be worth the cost or effort for many (including me).

We may find some ways to minimise the impact as sellers, but the trend is towards digital tracking of all purchases and Amazon may just become too needy to be worth using for small sellers in the future.

I know we all buy directly from dedicated Soul music sellers and direct from labels too, but Amazon has been good for discovery of second hand CDs in the third party sellers and it is used by almost everyone, so I thought it worth mentioning.

Expect to see the removal of many items from third party sellers at Amazon and a move over to ebay and Discogs potentially over time.  I've noticed this trend more since new year as Amazon has withdrawn lots of items from being sold there now and delisting many old slow to move CDs, DVDs etc from its database of available product.


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