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A Few All Platinum related Wants

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I am trying to complete my collection of All Platinum related labels.

A bit of a minefield with quite a few rarities scattered about, these are the ones I don’t have and any help in sourcing a copy would be appreciated. If you have any of the below that you'd be prepared to part with please PM me with details. Thanks.

All Platinum


AP 2311 Willie & West??

AP 2319 Willie & Mighty Magnificents - Think Funky Pt 1 and 2

AP 2328 Susan Phillips - Just how long (does this actually exist?)

AP 2347 Dave Baby Cortez - Soul Walking


Astroscope AS 109  We Three Ltd - Girl I’ll Always Love You

Astroscope 116? Not sure if these three even exist.

Astroscope 120?

Astroscope 121?


CH 1181 Unlimited Four - Somebody Help Please / True Love is hard to find.

CH 1183 The Street People Incorporated -The Hurt's On Me / Someday We'll Be Together

(I know this doesn’t have All Platinum distribution but one side was written by Sylvia Robinson)


J-102 The Internationals - Give a damn / Push button Love (must have Distributed by All Platinum on the label, I have a copy without).

Any others with All Plat distribution on the label?


1000 The Chosen Few I can take no chances (only got it on Canyon!)

1004 - Gloria Bares - Old before my time

1005 - Snap Prescott - AIn’t no way


5025 Mark Greene - My Confession of Love (not convinced it exists on this number)

5026 Sylvia - My Thing / Love drops (only Stang 5026 please)

5061 Hank Ballard with “Love On Love” instrumental B side only


014 Blood Brothers Black is so bad (issue with Walkin’ on B side if poss and not Turbo 029 release please)

016 Groundhog with B side not one sided.

020 Willie & West - Attica Massacre - Ha Ha I know!!

027 New Sound - Na Na Na

Also any photos, ephemera, curios etc. (not press cuttings) potentially of interest too.


Thanks, Steve

Edited by Steve G
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