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Members clear up starts 1st may 2021 - rolling

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another clear out come 1st may


Please note from now on rather than being annual clear outs, the clear out will be 'rolling' as per will be ongoing through out the year

One of the reasons for doing these clearups  is the number of members does affect the performance and also cost and so makes sense to clean up the membership. 



all non-active members (not active since May 2018) accounts will now be closed - not active for 3 years

all non-active members (not active since May 2017) accounts will be deleted - not active for 4 years


an email will be sent to all those who allow site emails when closed and before deletion (3 and 4 years)

note those who do not allow site emails will be deleted at the 3-year point


if your account has been closed and wish it reopened then you just need to do the below

the quickest way is to login and then let us know you are 'back' via the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page..

soul source url
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