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Antique green 7" record sleeves

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Can someone tell me please, why green sleeves? Thanks KC


Phil, try Loz Doyle of "Sleeve It Out UK".  lozdoyle17@hotmail.co.uk 

I'm certain that he used to have them, and he was still in business when I saw him just before lockdown.

- Kev


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I had a message from the lady at "bags unlimited" the other month and when I mentioned that people are crying out for green sleeves she said they'll probably never make any more as they simply can no longer find a supplier of that type of paper.

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I’ve emailed bagsunlimited every 3-4 months since the pandemic started, and get the same response noted above every time. 

It’s hard to believe that no one manufactures that kind of paper anymore, but they’re really sticking to that story. 

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