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what has been winding you up lately

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10 hours ago, Winsford Soul said:

Idiots who drive from the motorway slip road onto the main carriageway without indicating then indicating to move from the inside lane to the middle lane. 

Don't indicate from the slip way you don't get in because I ain't stopping or slowing for you. 

Or those that amble down the left hand lane of the on-slip and then come to a near stop when they run out of sliproad ... 😡

The only really good bit of advice I got from my one off three hour driving lesson just before my test was to stick in the right-hand slip-lane and wherever possible get up to at least 56  mph before getting to the bottom , that way you can easily join either in front or behind any 40-footers in the inside lane without having to brake hard to get in a gap or try to accelerate at the last minute , given that my trusty 320,000+ Mondeo estate is usually full to the brim with tools the accelerating hard bit rarely works for me ... :rolleyes:


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