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ultrawide monitor screens and the like

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just upgraded to one for work mainly

finding it a lot better both for work and for play

I now say it's one of those things that should/wish have done ages ago, did once try multi monitors but never worked well for me

any similar 'should have done' tips





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A couple during lockdown.... 

1. Big PC monitor (same as you). In fact new ultra fast All-in-one PC. A delight to use and lightning fast. 

2. Bean to cup coffee machine. Better than the coffee shop (once you get the right beans) and works out about 10p a cup. Paid for itself in a matter of weeks, despite costing a few hundred £££. 

3. Sparkling water maker (Soda Stream type). No more buying dozens on plastic bottles of sparkling water from the shops. Refillable gas canister makes 60 litres. Works out cheaper and no landfill. 


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