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Poll: Events - Are you going to an event...?


Soul music events  

  1. 1. Plan to attend a soul music event ?

    • As soon as possible
    • Wait and see
    • No Plans to attend

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With possible upcoming changes in the real world coming into play

What's the members take on attending soul music related events in the near future

1. As soon as possible/already have

2. Wait and see what happens

3. No plans/wishes



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My first planned night out is the Boat nighter at the end of August.  I will just wait and see what happens, let things settle down.

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Summer In The Parks, July 25th. Cleethorpes Weekender the following weekend. Swinton Niter August 7th. Then ......

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5 hours ago, Mustang said:

I will be at the Kings Hall in Stoke on the 24th,would of been at Bridlington,

going up to Aberdeen too,end of August.

Had both vaccines so i will be attending venues as per normal.

I have to go to work normally,so i will be living my social life normally too.


If they can allow 60,000 plus into Wembley on Sunday for England v Italy,

then open the doors for our dancing again,Covid 19 is here to stay,so we

we learn to live with it,Flu and Covid jabs every year are the new normal now.


Open it up,sooner the better.


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Attended Bridlington outdoor shenanigans and had a fabulous weekend. 

Next Cleethorpes and can't wait to get back on the dance floor and meet up indoors 😁 x

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Back on the horse on Fri Aug 13th - Thringstone - lots of new 7" shiny things since last outing before lock down - life's got to go on.

6 DJ line up - so with partners etc - 20% full already 

Hope the regulars and newbies give us a go 

Frostie snr.


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Will be getting out to the first local night that suits my taste (modern / jazz funk / soulful house) that we can attend. 

Mrs has just had 2nd jab - so couple of weeks and good to go.

Just need to find the right night, as v thin on the ground compared to Northern nights. 

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interesting results

its looking like a 50/50 spilt between going and waiting/not going

will close shortly so last chance for sharing views/takes

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The view from Europe on events . As expats we did 3 weekenders a year , February ,September and October. The situation is still very uncertain , Can we dance ,venue capacity, closing times ,masks ,restriction on booze ,testing ,isolation! It must be hell for promoters {we drive } asking Brits to arrange flights, ,hotel bookings, facing such hassle and hope for the numbers to make all their hard work worthwhile.   We are longing for venues to return but still call me 50/50,undecided Spain!

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