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Broughton - chester services report


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Broughton was a good one, Mark B was one of the guests, but dueto work emergency had to pass, leaving DMSC type Steve Thomas to bash out a great mixed set

Soul Sam and Brian Ellis gave out usual high standard,

highlite had to be finallyhearing out a cdr fav, 70s butwith intro saying knok knock then can hear actaul knocking, anyone remind me full title, apparently hens teeth

Maggie L and Hammy movement sounded great

a good enjoyable nite

chester services after a bit quiet, coffee goping tea ok

till next week

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Guest Brian Ellis

Glad you enjoyed Broughton - so sorry that Mark Bicknell couldn't make it, but an emergency at work saw him having to work until 9pm and, with no transport available to him at that time, was unable to make it. We will re-book him for sometime later in 2004.

In 2004 we have already lined up a good number of top name DJs including Bob Hinsley, PEP, Tot Johnson, Baz Maleady (exclusive Modern & Crossover night in April), Ginger Taylor, Chris King (4th Anniversary Oldies night in June), Kenny Burrell and Mick H. Alongside local North Wales DJ, plus Sam and myself we will try to ensure that Broughton stays right up there with the best in terms of bringing a good quality, progressive music policy in a superb venue with inexpensive drinks. OK - advert over!!

You asked about the record that started 'Knock, knock' - well this is Sam's latest 'best record I've had in the last 10 years' (!!) - it's by Joseph Webster on the Crow label and entitled 'My love is so strong'.

The one he played on Saturday night was in fact on loan from Arthur Fenn, but today Sam has acquired his own copy by prising it from the hands of Ted Massey - cost?, 1 mint copy of Andy Fisher's ' Hearts are Beating Stronger' on Fat Fish.

Watch this go absolutely stellar over the coming months, what with Sam's enthusiasm for it and guaranteed plays at every venue regardless of initial dancefloor reaction - you have to admire the man for his beliefs - this is bound to attract much attention. As you say hen's teeth, but who knows what ebay might throw up!


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Big sorry to Brian Ellis, Soul Sam and all at The Broughton Soul night last Saturday December 13th for my NO SHOW, but I was stuck at my day job until 9pm and had no transport to get me there later on.

It's not my style to let people down and I was really pissed off to miss such a good soul night.

Sometimes work comes first but not too often over the northern scene and on this ocassion it was totally out of my control so again sorry to everyone who attended, hope to see you there sometime in 2004.

Regards - Mark Bicknell.

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Guest James Trouble

Billy Bolloxs, I've been looking for that record for ages, and now Sam is playing it. Grrrrrrr, he should have covered it up!!!! (Oooh, I am selfish)

I do believe it was played at Stafford a couple of times (so does that make it an oldie?), although being a young whipper snapper I only know because I was told that by some old bloke with no hair.

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