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audio 'club' - any interest?


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we can set up a 'private' source club for those members who enjoy the sharing and talking of youtube audio videos  in a more 'wider' format than the 'public' forums allow

the club works as a sort of 'private/club" section of soul source - members join and then get the posts/content/access

if any interest let us know and will get a demo/trial setup asp

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On 21/11/2021 at 20:39, Twoshoes said:

Count me in Mike, sounds interesting.


any more of the reg audio posters up for it ?



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thanks for the replies

now open using our 'club' feature which has had a few recent improvements 

basically you join the club and you will see a forum style section that works as per the current 'audio' feature but only for actual 'club' members, which means in theory...

those who enjoy sharing and discussing you-tube based audio clips can crack on without any due effect on the rest of the forum

easiest way is to give it a go...

let us know ya thoughts


tap here then hit the 'join' button






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